Dog Name Best

A gentle Mexican hairless dog Xoloitzcuintli 2022

Dog Name Best

Mexican hairless dog is a warm man! When I am sad and irritable, I will comfort you and make you happy.

Unlike many dogs, the Mexican hairless dog was used as a comfort dog to accompany human beings in the early days. It is because of this experience that the Mexican hairless is better able to live in harmony with humans than other dogs.

Gentle Mexican hairless dog

Mexican hairless dog temperament is very gentle, lively and friendly, cheerful quiet, more alert to strangers, is a lovely pet dog. Noble temperament, elegant posture, is a very suitable for family breeding dogs,.

Because of its hairless body, it doesn't make hair everywhere in family life, but it looks a little sloppy. It enjoys walking with the host, but doesn't like running. It also likes playing with children and is very friendly to children.