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Can I have a golden retriever 2022

Dog Name Best

The sweet and warm golden retriever is one of the ten most popular dogs in the world. It is also a net red dog breed in recent years. It is a combination of working dog and companion dog. However, raising him may have some unexpected shortcomings. For the common happiness of the dog and the owner, please make sure to understand before deciding. Can I have a golden retriever?

Please do not raise golden retriever under the following conditions:


Allergic people will be allergic to dogs, often attributed to the cause of dog hair, in fact, the cause of allergy is the protein in the dander dropped from the dog's fur and the protein left on the fur when the dog licks the fur.

Golden Retriever is definitely not a good choice for a dog lover who has allergies or family members who are allergic to dogs. In the hair changing period, when the hair loss is serious, some preventive measures should be taken.

  1. An allergy test is conducted to determine if the dog is the culprit. If not, find the real culprit.

  2. Don't let the dog on the sofa, let alone let it into the allergy room.

  3. Always use a vacuum cleaner to remove dog dander and dust. Remember not to let allergic people clean up dust from inhaled vacuum cleaners

  4. Groom the dog outdoors as much as possible.

  5. Wash the kennel regularly, at least once a week.

  6. Bathe your dog frequently, but not more than once a week. Bathing can reduce dandruff and allergens.

  7. Dog hair should be regularly trimmed to avoid being too long.

Scientists have shown that pets can improve an individual's overall health, and having a dog can give owners more time to stay happy. At the same time, a large number of studies have shown that loneliness and depression are more likely to succumb to the pressure of the disease than happy and satisfied people. As long as you handle it properly, the dog and the owner's life will be very happy! Now, have you considered whether to take the baby dog home?

Insufficient time and space

Golden Retriever is a large dog and needs plenty of living space. Even if you take it out for a walk every day, you can't let golden retriever always stay in a small space when he is at home, otherwise he will be in a hurry, and then there may be the possibility of demolishing the house and damaging things.

Large dogs need more exercise, small dogs walk half an hour a day is enough, but large dogs need more than an hour to be able to. So if you don't have enough time to spend with golden retriever, it's going to get sick, or it's introverted and depressed, it is a risk.

No money

The amount of exercise and food of large dogs should not be underestimated. Golden Retriever's dog food needs about 1.5 kg per day, plus snacks, molars, toys, nutrition and other supplementary food and supplies. As for the price of dog food, you can refer to the online price, and the price of different brands varies greatly.

If it is sick, the medical expenses of pet hospital are far higher than that of people, and there is no medical insurance reimbursement.

With all these questions mixed together, would you consider golden retriever?