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Does wirehaired pointing Griffon lose hair 2022

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It is believed that most parents of pet dogs may worry about their dogs' hair loss, especially those with longer fur. Wirehaired pointing Griffon is one of them. As a result, many parents may wonder, does wirehaired pointing Griffon lose hair? Let's focus on the problem of wirehaired pointing Griffon.

It happens occasionally

The hair loss of wirehaired pointing Griffon is not serious and occasionally occurs. It will not cause large area hair loss due to hair changing and other reasons.

Wirehaired pointing Griffon is undoubtedly of Dutch origin, but it is generally considered to be a French breed because the main breeding of its breed is in France. Between 1870 and 1873, Dutch breeder E K korthals was bred, probably a mixture of Griffin and French pointer hounds. The dog is versatile, has an excellent sense of smell, like hunting. It can indicate and track prey, mainly used for hunting quail, hare, fox, etc.

Fur is one of the characteristics of wirehaired pointing Griffon

It has two layers of fur. The outer layer has a medium length of hair, which may be very straight or slightly wavy. It is not allowed to curl. Of course, wool is not allowed. It's also good to have very coarse hair, which can be camouflaged when it's in the bush. The bristles indicate that the Griffin dog has a very smooth undercoat and is very rich and waterproof. Because of the seasonal, weather and hormonal cycles, the thickness of the undercoat varies.

Wired pointing Griffon in light color

In general, wirehaired pointing Griffon has a fairly light color. There are a lot of eyebrows and whiskers growing on its head, and the extension of the bottom hair to form its face, it can be said that it has a very chaotic appearance. It has very short hair on the ears and is very soft. There is a very rough coat mixed in. The bristles on the feet of wirehaired pointing Griffon are slightly less than those on the body. The very dense, thick, and short coarse coat covers the legs (forelegs and hind legs). The hair on the tail and the body is exactly the same, to remember that there is no feathering. It has a very rich and dense coat. No matter what excuse, it can't be trimmed. Only the ears, the top of the head, the cheeks and the feet can be trimmed.