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How Long Does It Take for a Dog to Get Used to a New Puppy? 2022

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If you already have an adult dog in your family, you may want to have another one. So, can these two dogs get along well? How long does it take a dog to adapt to a new puppy?

This has something to do with the personality of the two dogs you have, but they usually adapt to each other in less than a month. However, if your two dogs don't have a good start, don't worry, there are many ways to make them get along well.

Your old dog may not welcome a new puppy

Many dog owners think their old dogs will immediately fall in love with the new dogs and be as infatuated with them as they are. However, older dogs have a tendency to distrust newcomers, who may disrupt their established order. So, if your adult dog doesn't look excited, don't panic, at least not fighting with your new puppy.

Barking is a natural and necessary way of communication

Your old dog will need to communicate with your new puppy in order to teach them the basic rules and boundaries. Fortunately, most adult dogs are good teachers. But it means your dog will show growl and may even show teeth if your dog doesn't back off in time. Instead of stopping the growling, try to see it as a necessity for your adult dog.

Puppies can make your adult dog miserable

Puppies are lively and almost impolite, so they can quickly be hated by a dignified, elderly dog. You need to keep this in mind and don't expect your adult dog to tolerate what the dog does. On the contrary, if the dog is too lively, you should supervise and intervene.

Ways To Encourage Bonding

When you ask how long it takes for a dog to adapt to a new puppy, the following suggestions will help connect them and speed up the process.

  1. Go on leashed walks together.

  2. Show preference to your older dog.

  3. Get a separate food bowl, bed and set of toys for your new puppy.

  4. Offer breaks to prevent your dogs from getting overwhelmed.

  5. Give an exit option.

  6. Be ready to intervene.