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110+ Dog Puns – The Best Doggone List 2022

Dog Name Best

Dog puns are a creative and fun way to commemorate our furry friends, as well as a little bit of a word game. The dog puns we write will make you laugh out loud.

110+ Dog Puns

  1. I told you I’d get it done on time. Quit hounding me.

  2. I like big mutts and I cannot lie.

  3. What did the polite dog say? Thanks fur everything!

  4. The Dachshund had to sit in the shade because it was a hot dog.

  5. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my dog. Hopefully the vet will shed some light on the problem.

  6. My dog never stands up for herself. She just rolls over.

  7. Anything is paw-sible when you have a dog.

  8. Going camping? Make sure you have a pup tent.

  9. The dog was mad he threw the ball so far because it was pretty far-fetched.

  10. The dog was extra loud with its subwoofer.

  11. What kind of dog does Dracula have? A bloodhound!

  12. Today has been ruff.

  13. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. One of my canines is loose.

  14. I hope my Lab reports come back okay.

  15. That dog was sassy and fur-ocious!

  16. The Dalmatian hid from people because he didn’t want to be spotted.

  17. When a problem comes along, you must Whippet.

  18. When the dog went to the flea circus, he stole the show.

  19. It’s raining cats and dogs. That’s fine, as long as it doesn’t reindeer.

  20. Did you hear about the dog who gave birth on the side of the road? She was ticketed for littering!

  21. That joke was dog-gone funny.

  22. What did the dogcatcher sing to the stray? “You ain’t nothing but a pound dog.”

  23. He’s not fat. He’s just a little husky.

  24. He has to constantly call her to check in. She has him on a short leash.

  25. The dog is so popular that the pup-arazzi took its photo.

  26. Those dogs were a bunch of litter pugs!

  27. What’s the best type of home for your dog? Ruff-housing.

  28. When you’re on a boat with your dog, always bring a doggie paddle.

  29. What do you call a dog magician? A Labracadabrador.

  30. The dog was so artistic, it liked to Labradoodle in its notebook.

  31. That dog is barking up the wrong pedigree.

  32. If you feed your dog too many snacks, you’re going to end up with a wide retriever.

  33. What do dogs call their parents? Dog-ma and paw.

  34. The dog preyed on the neighborhood cats because it was a holy terrier.

  35. The dog’s breakfast was pure bread – he sure loved his carbs!

  36. What’s your dog’s favorite Pink Floyd album? Bark Side of the Moon.

  37. You won’t find what you need here. You’re barking up the wrong tree.

  38. He knew the dog was calling because he had collar I.D.

  39. He said his dog ran 10 miles to get the ball. That seems a bit far fetched.

  40. The fancy dog was quite pawsh.

  41. Don’t stop retrieving. Hold on to that feline.

  42. Where do dogs go after their tails fall off? The re-tail store.

  43. I wanted to see dogs at the zoo, but they didn’t have any. It was a Shiz-Tzu.

  44. Pavlov? He rings a bell.

  45. Have you heard about the new dog movie? It’s called Jurassic Bark.

  46. Great Dane lovers are sure obsessed with tall tails.

  47. We just got pawsession of a new dog.

  48. You have to be careful after it rains cats and dogs and make sure you don’t step in a Poodle.

  49. The dog was so smart it majored in bark-eology.

  50. The dog couldn’t find his car in the barking lot.

  51. He loved dogs so much he had a Rover-dose.

  52. What did Darth Vader name his son? Luke Skybarker.

  53. When my dog starts itching, it really ticks me off.

  54. The coach wants to put my dog in the baseball game because he always gets walked.

  55. He rode the pug boat across the water.

  56. The dog was so strong and powerful, we called him “Labrathor.”

  57. Take the dog for a walk. That’s the leashed you could do.

  58. The dog was so sad, he was a mellon Collie.

  59. What’s more amazing than a talking dog? A spelling bee.

  60. That dog was so cold, he was a pup-sicle!

  61. What kind of construction are dogs best at? Roofing.

  62. What does a dog like to eat for breakfast? Woofles.

  63. When traveling, always make sure to pack a doggie bag for your pup.

  64. The dogs were having so much fun, it looked like they were raising the roof.

  65. The squirrel in the backyard made the dog go mutts.

  66. The dog’s bones will Rottweiler spirit will live on.

  67. The dog is from Colliefornia.

  68. The dog barked all night without any paws.

  69. The picnic quickly turned into a Bark-B-Q.

  70. Make sure you use Collie flour when baking for your dog.

  71. There mutt be a chance my dog isn’t a purebred.

  72. I’m all about the pug life.

  73. What does the dog eat at the movies? Pupcorn!

  74. The pugkin latte is my dog’s favorite drink in the fall.

  75. That collar made the dog so uncomfurtable.

  76. He could give you a few pointers on playing fetch.

  77. We should hire a photograph-fur to take pictures of our pup.

  78. We should make a small Dalmation to the canine charity.

  79. The dog has been going through a rough pooch lately.

  80. That was certainly a tall tail he told.

  81. Let’s give the dogs a big round of ap-paws.

  82. The dog names were recorded for pawsterity.

  83. He found the costume very dograding.

  84. The training cur-tailed the dog’s bad behavior.

  85. She saw an oppawtunity to start a new pet business.

  86. This is the fur-st dog she’s ever had.

  87. The dog’s outfit was quite fetching.

  88. We needed a rufferee to keep the players in check.

  89. Happy Howl-o-ween to our dog friends!

  90. Happy Howlidays!

  91. He was fur-bidden from playing with the dog.

  92. When the dog realized what was happening, he flea’d the scene.

  93. He always has to follow the rules. He’s so dog-matic!

  94. That dog is so noisy. Howl it stay quiet when you’re gone?

  95. The dog is so cute and tiny, it Beagles my mind!

  96. The poor dog couldn’t find the rabbit. It was a bad hare day.

  97. I just want to curl up and puggle with my dog.

  98. Feeding grapes to your dog can kill them. We’re raisin’ some awareness for this paws.

  99. Trying to train my dog was a Mastiff waste of time.

  100. Don’t bite the hound that feeds you.

  101. That is good in-fur-mation about dogs.

  102. He’s one sick puppy.

  103. It was hard to fur-give him after that.

  104. The dog was pup and running in no time.

  105. All food must go to the Lab for testing.

  106. The pup doggedly chased the squirrel.

  107. Have your dog paid its annual fleas?

  108. I had completely fur-gotten to brush his coat.

  109. The dog was so scary, we called him the big bad woof.

  110. She went on pup-ternity leave when she got a new dog.

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