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Five kinds of diseases that dogs are prone to in autumn. Prevention is the most important! 2022

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Nowadays, many people are fond of pets. However, on the other hand, when the pets get sick and need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for treatment, the mentality of individual owners will change: "so much money, enough to buy another dog." Some people's views on people getting along with each other are more and more clear: if they are in harmony, they will be scattered if they do not agree with each other. However, it is obviously inappropriate to treat pets with this kind of thinking. Pets don't have the ability to speak and create living resources for themselves. Being abandoned will pose a threat to their lives. Let me introduce the five diseases that dogs are prone to in autumn.

Big temperature difference, prevent cold

The cold in the early and late autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, which is the important reason for the dog cold. When bathing pets, they will catch cold if they don't pay attention to it. In this season, they must dry with a hair dryer after "dog washing". The temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high, which will also cause cold.

Clean food and prevent diarrhea

Unclean diet and malnutrition can lead to recurrence of the original chronic gastrointestinal diseases or induce new digestive system diseases. Therefore, attention should be paid to keeping warm and preventing cold and balanced nutrition. Especially the old pet, the body function gradually declines, cannot adapt to the external change in time, easy to have diarrhea or constipation and other problems. Some owners think that the weather is cold and food is not easy to deteriorate (some seemingly intact food has actually deteriorated), so they are confused and fed to the dog, so that the stomach is not "making a big fuss in heaven"? In fact, the most suitable food for dogs is dog food, which has a scientific formula and a clear shelf life, which also provides a certain guarantee for the health of dogs.

The weather is dry, Prevention of skin diseases

From summer to autumn, the weather becomes dry and ultraviolet radiation is gradually enhanced. In addition, various wild plants seed. When dogs lie on the grass, some weeds and plants may stimulate the pet's skin. Therefore, pets are also prone to skin itching and skin allergy in autumn. There are more than ten kinds of common skin diseases in dogs, including mites, bacterial dermatitis, fungal dermatitis, and dermatitis caused by infection. If you find that your pet has any symptoms of skin disease, you should go to the pet hospital in time, and then you can recover as soon as possible. In addition, dogs with unbalanced nutrition are also prone to skin diseases. Many dog owners think that they can give them anything to eat. They can also give them what they eat. They can eat spareribs and vegetables. This is not good. Especially eating salty things is not good for the dog's skin. In fact, as long as the pet dog to eat bought dog food, dog food nutrition balance, plus enough water, for your dog is enough to enjoy. Pet dogs that eat dog food for a long time have few skin diseases. If the dog's fur care is not appropriate, coupled with uneven nutrition, it is inevitable that it will get skin disease.

Timely vaccination

Although the dog is vaccinated once a year, its immunogen and immune system are gradually declining to a low peak value (here refers to the dogs who have been vaccinated for more than 6 months). At this time, the opportunities for dogs to go out are increased, and the best climate for the growth of viruses floating in the air is also the best climate. Under the relative circumstances, in order to avoid dogs exposed to bacterial viruses, when the dogs are exposed to bacterial viruses, it is necessary to improve the health of dogs It is necessary to strengthen the vaccine timely for dogs.