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How does Mexican hairless dog allergy do? 2022

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Sometimes I see a Mexican hairless dog ( Xoloitzcuintli ) sitting and tickling himself with his back foot. It looks very cute and interesting, isn't it? If this happens to your dog, especially in Mexican dogs, you're not going to feel that way. Because if the Mexican hairless dog tickles regularly, it may be a skin allergy problem.

Although the skin of Mexican hairless dogs has a layer of natural fur to protect, generally, it rarely occurs allergic phenomenon, but it does not mean that it will not happen. That encounter Mexican hairless dog skin allergy, how to deal with it?

Skin allergens in Mexican hairless dogs

It is difficult to find out the source of skin allergy in Mexican hairless dogs. Some people eat too much canned fish, some because the skin is in a state of moisture for a long time. Mexican hairless dogs often scratch when they are allergic to skin, such as nose, toe seams, and somewhere on the body. If you observe carefully, you may find red spots on your belly. Mexican hairless dogs become irritable because of itching, licking and biting, shortness of breath and restlessness.

It can happen suddenly, without any sign. So the owner found that this situation should first think about what the Mexican hairless dog had eaten before, and the food that caused allergy is likely to be what it would not normally eat.


If it is not convenient to go to the pet hospital, you can use the following two methods to deal with it first.

External ointment

Allergy cream for people is OK. I usually use dermatitis lotion. After smearing, the Mexican hairless dog will feel cool and relieve the itching symptoms. The Mexican hairless dog will obviously relieve the anxious and dry mood. For not serious Mexican hairless dog skin allergy effect is good. We should pay attention not to put it on the eyes and nose of the Mexican hairless dog, and it is not easy to wipe the hairy place.

Anti allergy drugs

Of course, if you can go to the hospital to prescribe medicine for the Mexican hairless dog is the best, but if it is not convenient to go to the pet hospital, you can also choose to give the Mexican hairless dog some anti allergy drugs. The dosage of medicine for the Mexican hairless dog must be conservative, which is safer.

If you make up your mind to keep a Mexican hairless dog, you should take 100% responsibility for it. Do you like such a warm and rolling Mexican hairless dog?