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How to Care for a Pregnant Dogo 2022

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The pregnancy of a dog is also a happy event at home, because it is really exciting to think that there will be many small dogs soon. A netizen asked, "My Dogo dog has been raised for several years, but this is the first time it is pregnant. Although I have experience in caring for dogs, I really don't know how to take care of Dogo dogs after pregnancy. Woolen cloth?"

Dogo dogs after pregnancy are naturally different from usual, because their bodies will become larger and will be different from daily exercise. And in terms of diet, Dogo dogs during pregnancy are also different from usual. Therefore, as the owner, you must know clearly in advance, take good care of the pregnant Dogo dogs, and look forward to the arrival of many little Dogos.

The newly pregnant Dogo dogs tend to show a more irritable temper and restless state. Of course, it is because of the changes in Dogo's heart caused by pregnancy. Especially when there are guests in the house, they no longer like the teasing of others, and they will choose a remote place to stay by themselves. Therefore, the owner should try his best to give the Dogo dog a space to be alone, and reduce taking the Dogo dog out when going out, because this will allow them to get enough rest time and reduce the damage to the Dogo baby. Be aware that Dogo dogs may miscarry if they exercise too much.

Another feature of Dogo dogs after pregnancy is the increase in appetite, and when the owner finds that Dogo suddenly becomes edible, and the amount of food increases a lot, then it can be considered whether Dogo is pregnant. And if once pregnant, the owner not only needs to satisfy the Dogo dog's eating more, but also needs to increase nutrition and carry out comprehensive nutritional supplements. Ensure adequate nutrition for Dogo dogs and small Dogo dogs during pregnancy.

Does the owner know that the pregnancy time of the Dogo is actually only 60 days, which means that the pregnancy period of the dog you can accompany is two months. After the pregnancy period, what the owner has to do is to prepare the Dogo dog for delivery. In fact, the most important thing is to disinfect the tools to ensure that the sterilization is clean. If the owner has no experience in giving birth to a dog, he can ask others for advice in advance, or learn it by himself, to ensure that the Dogo can give birth healthily and safely.

I have a pregnant Dogo at home, how should I take care of it?

After the delivery is completed, the owner should protect the little Dogo, because the Dogo is relatively weak at this time. If an outsider approaches the small Dogo, they will stand up to protect or attack.