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How to keep a Yorkshire terrier? 2022

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The Yorkshire Terrier is a small, long-haired dog. Loyal and clingy, he is very popular with the public, but because of his lively and active personality, Yorkshire sometimes makes a mess at home and makes people angry. But most of the time it's still obedient and engaging. So, how can a little guy like Yorkshire be raised better in general?

    The Yorkshire babies I just bought are all ugly, with short black hair and a small size. Different from other dogs, Yorkshire's beauty is slowly adjusted by the owner. Generally, it will become a beautiful princess or prince after three years. Yorkshire is like a diamond, which needs careful grinding. Light goes beautiful. So be patient with this little angel, as it will bloom beautifully in two years.

    Because the Yorkie's mouth is very picky, the Yorkie can only eat dog food, and its back hair will turn brown instead of iron blue if it eats too many people's food. Yorkshire terriers should not exercise too much, and they can usually walk back and forth on the floor at home. If the owner wants to take it out, find a small carrying basket, pad it with foam or cloth, and let it sit in it. Those who often travel by bicycle can also put it in the wire basket in front of the car. But this requires training from a young age and making it a habit.

How to raise a Yorkshire terrier? Is the Yorkshire terrier easy to raise?

    Hygiene is very important for the Yorkshire Terrier, and its teeth, around the eyes, outside the ears and shallow ear canals should be cleaned regularly. And brushed it every day and dry-cleaned it every week. Before dry cleaning the Yorkshire, you can dust it with talcum powder or a cleaning builder. It can not only remove the dust and dirt on the Yorkshire hair, make the Yorkshire coat fresh, loose and shiny, but also can promote the blood circulation in the skin blood vessels to be smooth, and the cell metabolism is vigorous, so that the Yorkshire coat grows more colorful. .

    The long hair on the Yorkshire terrier's forehead hangs down and scatters, which can easily cover the eyes. The owner can separate the hair on the Yorkshire's forehead and tie a small knot on each side to avoid blocking the sight. For Yorkshire hair that is too long under the tip of the toe, it can be cut off so that it does not form a nodule that hinders walking, but the hair on the Yorkshire fore toe should not be trimmed. The hair around the Yorkshire's mouth can't be trimmed either, and it's hard to look better if it's cut. If the long hair on other parts is too long, you can ask a professional to trim it, and do not cut it yourself.

    Finally, in addition to the cleanliness and dietary hygiene in daily feeding, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether Yorkshire is active, abnormal mental state, sudden loss of appetite, abnormal dryness and thinness of stool, and obvious changes in the dryness and wetness of the nose pads, etc. Seek medical attention as soon as possible after discovering the disease.