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How to maintain wire Fox Terrier 2022

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Wire Fox Terrier, a breed of Fox Terrier created for fox hunting in the 19th century, is alert, quick and always eager for challenges. What are the key points to learn about feeding them? Let's have a look.

How to feed wire Fox Terrier?

In modern society, most breeders tend to feed wire fox terrier with high nutritional dog food, and the amount of each feeding is relatively small, which makes wire Fox Terrier easier to digest. In addition, when feeding wire Fox Terrier, most of the breeders choose to feed it regularly. This will help to control the small wire Fox Terrier and help it better adapt to future family training.

If the wire Fox Terrier is fed irregularly, it may be overeating and overweight, which is not conducive to their healthy growth. For an older wire Fox Terrier, it is more suitable to eat less and more meals. If you don't know how much to feed properly, it is suggested that the owner should refer to the recommended amount provided by the label on the package or can of dog food and feed with different development stages of wire Fox Terrier.

There are some common recipes for wire Fox Terrier at each stage, as dog food already contains the nutrients needed for puppies. However, some nutritious "dog food" recipes from hearsay may not really be beneficial to little wire Fox Terrier. It is better to consult a pet doctor before giving them to dogs.


Health care of wire Fox Terrier

Because wire Fox Terrier is lively and active and likes to play outdoors, it is necessary to wash wire Fox Terrier regularly and comb it with a hard brush every day to keep its fur clean. After cleaning wire Fox Terrier, comb its hair with a sparse tooth comb while blowing it with a hair dryer so that the dog's hair can be easily dried.

At the same time, the hair on the inside and outside of the ears, mouth, nose and chin of wire Fox Terrier should be washed with detergent to keep it smooth and smooth. In particular, its ears should be cleaned at least once a month. The owner should use cotton ball to dip disinfectant alcohol or mineral oil to wipe the visible part of the outer ear. At ordinary times, the owner should also use normal saline to clean the orbit and surrounding area of wire Fox Terrier regularly. If there is secretion or tears, he should disinfect and clean it with warm boric acid water, and then apply good eye ointment.


In addition to the basic hygiene above, the hair and nails of wire Fox Terrier also need regular repair. Wire fox terrier's grooming includes hand plucking and clipping to make some parts of the coat shorter and others longer to achieve a beautiful posture. The inner ear, lower abdomen, anus, pudendum, neck and claws should be clipped with scissors.

If the owner accidentally cuts the live meat of the dog and causes bleeding, the part should be quickly coated with iodine for disinfection and hemostasis. Wire Fox Terrier is a dog that is prone to eczema. However, if the above aspects are kept clean and hygienic, the possibility of eczema can be effectively reduced. If the dog is found to have abnormal symptoms, it should be treated as soon as possible.

Points for attention of wire Fox Terrier in winter

Because autumn is the season of estrus, mating and breeding of wire Fox Terrier, the puppies will immediately enter the cold winter after giving birth, which is very easy to cause the death of puppies. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in feeding and management of puppies in winter. First of all, we should ensure the warmth of wire Fox Terrier Kennel in winter, and the temperature should be kept between 13 ~ 15 ℃. The puppies are not resistant to cold, and low temperature is easy to cause puppies to freeze to death. The doors and windows of wire Fox Terrier house should be sealed to prevent cold wind invasion. If possible, infrared lamp can be used for heating.

The bed in the kennel should be padded with felt, soft grass and other items. The owner should change these items frequently and dry them. When it's sunny and warm, let the puppies bask in the sun, which can not only help the puppies warm up, but also disinfect and sterilize the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight, and also absorb calcium, which is conducive to the growth and development of puppies' bones and prevent rickets.

On the other hand, winter is also the season of canine infectious diseases, especially canine distemper, canine parvovirus disease and other diseases that are easy to harm puppies in winter. In order to avoid the occurrence and spread of these diseases, deworming and environmental disinfection should be done well in the kennels of wire Fox Terrier, so as to completely eliminate the source of disease and cut off the transmission route. The owner should treat the dog manure and insect body once a month to avoid polluting the environment and infecting other dogs.

Suggestions before purchase

If you want to feed a wire Fox Terrier, you must first observe whether it is healthy when you buy it. After you buy it back, you also need the care and tolerance of the owner and be responsible for it to the end. Wire Fox Terrier is a very popular dog species. As long as the owner takes care of it properly, the healthy and warm wire Fox Terrier will bring many happy memories to the owner.