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How to make Dogo dogs learn to go to the toilet civilly 2022

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The first thing we do every morning is to go to the toilet, which allows us to excrete the urine that we have kept overnight. The same is true for Dogo dogs. The fixed-point excretion is beneficial to its health. Recently, we found that Dogo dogs always Urinating and urinating anywhere, which makes our family hygiene problems, if you want to correct the bad problem of Dogo dogs urinating and urinating anywhere, we must master the correct training methods to make it better, if you still don’t know If you are worried about how to train the Dogo, then the editor can give you some advice.

First, after the Dogo dog enters the house for the first time, parents should not let it run around, but should let it move within a fixed range and choose a fixed excretion place for it. Because research has found that the place where Dogo dogs go to the toilet for the first time is often their "favorite" in the future, it is very important to guide Dogo dogs to excrete for the first time.

Second, generally speaking, the excretion time of Dogo dogs is also very regular. The need for excretion occurs in the morning, 30 minutes after eating, and 15 minutes after drinking water. Therefore, in the process of raising Dogo dogs. As an owner, you must pay close attention to your dog's behavior. If you find that it is smelling the floor constantly, it means that it is about to excrete. At this time, it is most important to guide it to the prescribed excretion place, and then encourage the Dogo dog to excrete in the fixed toilet.

In fact, it is not very difficult to train a purebred Dogo dog to go to the toilet at a fixed point. Every time the Dogo dog will send out some signals before excretion, such as making a humming sound, or turning around to smell the smell, these behaviors are telling the Dogo dog. If you want to go to the toilet, as long as you guide in time at this time, the Dogo can quickly learn the good habit of excreting at a fixed point.