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How to make the border collie bark correctly 2021

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If you have a border collie in your family, you may have some problems. If your border collie is always barking, it's really hard to imagine whether you can really raise a border collie. 

How to make the border collie bark correctly?

Training Border Collie with food

The trainer held the food and lured border collie to make him highly excited about the food. At this time, the trainer issues the command and gesture of "barking". If the dog barks, the trainer should immediately give him food as a reward. Practice repeatedly. After border collie forms the basic conditioned reflex, the temptation should be cancelled and only the command and gesture should be used to train it.

The best time for training

The training should be carried out at the right time before the dog leaves the shed (it is best to let the dog loose for the first time in the morning). When the trainer stands in front of the kennel and calls the dog, the dog is eager to go out to defecate and roam. The trainer should take the opportunity to send out the command and gesture of "barking". If the dog barks, it will be rewarded and taken out for wandering.

Border Collie's dependency

You can use Border Collie's dependency to train. Take the dog to a strange and quiet place and tie it. You try to tease the dog and then leave it at a proper distance. First of all, call the dog's name, and then issue the "bark" command and gesture. When the dog barks, reward it and take it for a walk.

Border Collie's defensive

You can use Border Collie's defensive reflex to train. Bring the dog into the training ground, make the dog look at the trainer from far to near, and use the sneaky action to make the dog eager to chase and bite and bark. The trainer takes the opportunity to issue the command of "bark".

Get the dog excited

You can lure a dog to bark with a new stimulus that can excite the dog. Such as ringing the bell and racking the ball, other dogs barking, etc. When you see a dog barking, you immediately give a "bark" command and gesture.