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How to Stop a Dog from Barking 2022

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It is natural that dogs communicate with each other by barking. But what do you do when the dog barks too much? How to Stop a Dog from Barking?

Dogs like to stare out of the window to see what's going on nearby, but when they see strangers, they bark. If the dog barks too much, it will affect the neighbors. We have to find a way to stop it.

More exercise

Enough exercise can drain the dog's energy. After playing or running all day, the dog would rather have a good sleep than waste energy barking.

Biting the bone

If there's something to stop the dog's mouth, they don't have time to bark. Things that are harder to bite are more challenging. So the next time you're ready to go out, throw in your favorite toy to pass the boring time.

Let your dog use his brain

If the dog has something to do, there is no time to bark. Before you go out, knead their favorite toys with your hands, so that your own flavor can stay on them. When it can't see the owner, the lonely dog will spend more time looking for the owner's taste on the toy and forget to bark.

Make some noise

For those neurotic dogs, they will bark when they hear something. If you can't completely eliminate the noise in the environment, you might as well make some sound as interference. For example, when a postman passes, you turn on the noisy vacuum cleaner to confuse the dog's hearing.

Respond to it

Sometimes a dog barks just to convey a message to its owner. If the owner responds appropriately and expresses appreciation, the dog will naturally shut his mouth after the task is completed.

Reward it

If the dog is not willing to shut up, the owner should immediately rebuke it with a firm tone: "quiet.". When the dog no longer barks, the owner may as well give it some snacks or praise it to show encouragement. The purpose of this is to let the dog know that obedience and keeping quiet can get the favor and reward of the owner.

Ignore it

Some dogs, like humans, can't keep up their long speeches without an audience. If they are always chattering, the owner might as well turn around and leave. Most dogs will shut their mouths. In order to enhance their learning effect, it is suggested that the owner should carry a small bell with him. Whenever the dog barks, first shake the bell, make sure they hear the bell and then leave the room. After several training sessions, the next time a barking dog hears the bell, it knows it's time to shut up. Similarly, when they stop barking, the owner can give them some praise or reward.

Quench its enthusiasm

Spraying water with a water gun can also stop dogs barking. When they keep barking, the dog owner should first give oral admonition. If they don't listen to the warning, use a water gun to calm them down. But they need to aim at their bodies so that they don't shoot their heads by mistake.

Sound warning

Put copper coins or beans in an empty jar. If barking dogs don't listen to advice, shake the magic weapon around their ears twice. Animals don't like that sound, and later, before it opens its mouth, it will probably remember the lesson of the last time.

Friendly message

Some dogs hate strangers breaking into their territory, so whenever visitors or postmen come, they always shout and bark in protest. You may as well take some dog's favorite snacks to the visitors, let them convey a friendly message to the dog. Dogs eat their food, the heart of the defense is also eliminated, the next time they meet, it will not make earth shaking sound.

Bring it into the house

If a dog is usually shut out and barks in the middle of the night, getting him to sleep in the house may improve the situation.

Wear a mask

Many dog training experts suggest that there is a mask that looks like a horse's reins, with a drawstring about 3 meters long. When dogs start barking, they can close their mouths by gently pulling the strap. This kind of mask is a very humane product. Unlike other training rings, it may cause pet suffocation like pain. As long as after a few training, dogs can understand that silence is golden.

Dog barking collar

In addition to masks, there is a collar to stop barking. Sensors on the collar can detect their calls and then emit a high-frequency sound or a slight electric shock. Others wait for a while to start teaching. Although this product is very effective, you should consult your veterinarian before using it.

Change tactics

Many dog owners still don't know how to adapt even if they find that the training effect is not obvious. In fact, effective training methods should be effective within five days. If it doesn't work for barking dogs, take other education methods immediately.

Listen to the dog

There are many different meanings in a dog's bark. It's like learning a foreign language. As long as you carefully distinguish the dog's bark, you can also understand its meaning. If the dog's bark is found to be mixed with a few whines, it may be asking you not to leave it, or feel afraid. If there are several short sounds after a long cry, it means they are bored. Happy barking means they want to play with you. In fact, as long as you listen carefully, you can understand what they are saying.