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How to teach dogs simple movements? 2022

Dog Name Best

Dogs who know a lot of skills are particularly important. How to train dogs to learn some simple actions?

Let the dog remember your call to him

Calling a dog's name before feeding food, which requires loud, compact and distinct syllables, is not for the sake of being pleasant to hear, but it is easy for dogs to remember. The dog will run over because of the food, but over time, he will remember his name.

Let the dog sit down in front of you

The method is to gently press the back of the dog's crotch, then the dog will be very obedient to sit down. Then give it the food. The dog will think of the food as the encouragement after he has completed all these commands, so that he can firmly remember your instructions. If you let your dog sit and eat, he will keep this habit as an adult.

Train the dog to get down

After the dog has learned to sit, you can train him to lie down. The standard command for the dog to lie down is to give the oral command of "get down" and gently pat the ground in front of the dog. Of course, you can also stamp the floor with your heel. It's very personal, but it may make you laugh at by dog owners. Well trained dogs are like this: they respond most appropriately to general commands and communicate with their owners.