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How to train a Pomeranian simply 2022

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When feeding Pomeranian, we can carry out simple training for Pomeranian when it is young. These simple training can make Pomeranian quickly enter into and adapt to our life!

When do you start training Pomeranian

Pomeranian's training should start with two or three months old puppies. You should have love and patience, let the dog understand that they are absolutely obedient to your orders. Sometimes if the dog does not obey, it will be corporal punishment. You can roll the newspaper into a stick and whip both sides of the dog's mouth. Corporal punishment should not be excessive, otherwise the dog will have fear.

When Pomeranian is obedient, you can touch the dog's body with your hand to praise and encourage him. Use the same password to train the dog to do the action. Pomeranian judges the host's meaning by tone. Therefore, to let the dog understand the same meaning, can not use different commands, otherwise the dog will not be able to distinguish.

Training points

Pomeranian would be confused and confused if everyone in the family was disciplined according to his or her own preferences. If the whole family wants to discipline the dog, you should discuss it in advance. You should use the same behavior and command to let the dog remember everything. Generally speaking, the following points should be paid attention to:

  1. Let Pomeranian remember the command of uniform rules so that it will act when it hears it.

  2. Let the dog see the action mark. For example, raise the right index finger and point to the ground, and then call the order to sit down, and ask it to sit down.

  3. Or by stimulating. For example, pat the dog on the waist to make it sit down.

  4. Short sentences and simple gestures. For example, if you shout "wait a minute", block the dog's mouth with your palm; if you shout "give me", put your hand to the dog's mouth and let it put the bite on its palm.