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How to train golden retriever long jump? 2022

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Golden retrievers are smart and docile. Simple training can master the content of these training, in this case, want to let the golden retriever master some skills, like long jump, high jump and so on, how to train?

Long jump training is similar to high jump training

Long jump training is similar to high jump training, it is also a very intense exercise. There are many kinds of dogs that are not suitable for this training, such as Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Pekingese and so on. In addition, although some pet dogs are very big, they can not do long jump training because they are not good at jumping. In fact, this training is not difficult for jumping dogs. Please don't lose confidence.

In the early stage of training, fences should be less or more dense. The specific length should be determined by the size and strength of the pet dog. When using the rope, make sure that it does not affect the dog's activities. When the pet dog can easily skip the obstacles, the number of fence racks can be increased appropriately. In addition, the rope can be removed to continue training. The method is that the owner runs to the obstacle with the dog. Then the dog will be given the "jump" command to let the dog jump over. The owner stops in the jump position. After several training, you can command the golden retriever to jump long distance. Finally, the fence can be gradually replaced with natural obstacles such as trenches.

Training goal

let the golden retriever learn long jump.

Training equipment

fence, rope, food.

Training steps

1. Let the golden retriever sit 2-3 meters in front of the fence. After giving the jump command, the owner and the golden retriever run to the fence together and encourage him to jump.

2. After the golden retriever jumps over, let him stay where he is and give him food reward. If the dog has difficulty jumping, increase the run-up distance and try again. If it still doesn't work, consider reducing the fence to shorten the distance.

After these training, golden retriever learned high jump and long jump. That way, when you go out to walk the dog, to a race, the dog will run faster and play more happily.