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Interesting history of Yorkshire Terrier 2022

Dog Name Best

Before smokey, there was never a "treatment dog," and it was not until the discovery of smokey's amazing talent that doctors began to realize the positive impact of animal companionship on the rehabilitation of patients. Nowadays, Yorkshire Terrier, as a companion dog, has been widely used in the psychological rehabilitation of autistic children with its warm and friendly personality.

The Yorkshire dog, from the name, is a charming and personalized dog whose hometown is far away from Yorkshire, England. Although it is small, it is the best dog in terms of bravery, loyalty and emotion.

Good looking, naughty and clingy

The most striking thing about the Yorkshire Terrier is its silky, dazzling, thick, soft, pouting hair, as fluffy and soft as a girl's hair. Because its hair is so long that its feet are covered. When it moves, especially at night, if you don't look carefully, you will think that it is a blanket moving on its own.

If you take care of it carefully, for example, put a clip on the head of the Yorkshire terrier and tie a ribbon, it will instantly have the potential of net red. There are also individual owners who have made the hair of Yorkshire Terrier straight and drooping. I don't know how many single dogs will be charmed~

Although the Yorkshire is small, its intelligence and cleverness are no less than those of large dogs. Under the seemingly weak appearance, in fact, there is a very firm heart; it seems to be obedient and loyal to the host, but also can express their own demands. Although their combat effectiveness is not so strong, but the courage is not small, especially when meeting strangers, high octave barking, not only makes people feel painful, but also many large dogs feel ashamed. Fight, is also fearless, regardless of whether you can win, momentum must be better than the other side.

Because it is so sticky, it always likes to run around the host, so its biggest threat comes from being easily stepped on by the owner. It is also more "gossip", the family's big and small things have to be involved in a leg, not a moment quiet down. Yorkshire Terrier loved playing with children and sleeping on his master's lap.

However, remember, as a "little star" in the family, Yorkshire Terrier is easy to be arrogant, and the owner must not indulge them too much. Proper control is still necessary.

Yorkshire Terrier Like "meddling"

Our Yorkshire Terrier is not only the role of beauty and the star of the family, but also a super "rat catching" role.

It's said that "dogs meddle with mice", but our Yorkshire terrier was born to catch rats. In 19th century England, businessmen were exhausted by rats. Because the streets of many British cities are winding, narrow and dark, like labyrinth, which provides rats with a natural "place to commit crimes". The meow man made the mistake, so the merchants longed for a fearless, small dog that could go deep into the narrow space to catch mice.

With the market demand, miners and textile workers in Scotland have taken action and started to cultivate this kind of qualified hound. Finally, Wang Xingren, who was "tailored" to catch mice, was born. So what is the skill of Yorkshire Terrier? In a word: since it appeared, cats can be laid off. Yorkshire Terriers also have a super good sense of smell, and many countries are developing them as police dogs. Such a dog who is obviously beautiful but relies on strength is not allowed to be red!


By the way, the Yorkshire terrier was originally called "Scotch Terrier" in Scotland. Did it have wood and soil? Fortunately, the name didn't last long. A better breed of Wang Xingren was bred in the Yorkshire area, and later it was renamed "Yorkshire Terrier".

Fighting hero

Don't think that the Yorkshire Terrier is just a "cross in the nest", and the fight is unambiguous. Today in Cleveland, the United States, there is a very special monument, the owner of the tomb is a Yorkshire Terrier named smokey. So, what is the moving story behind it?

Smokey is a petite and agile Yorkshire Terrier. It follows his teammates through life and death and makes great achievements in battle. In 1944, a U.S. Army stationed in the jungles of New Guinea near the equator in the southern hemisphere. A soldier found the little smoky with big eyes flashing in the foxhole. He thought it was a Japanese pet, so he took it back to the US military camp as booty. However, he soon found out that smoky was a "pacifist" because he was a dog faced man no matter whether he spoke English or Japanese to him.

The soldier had no time to look after it and sold it to corporal Wynne for two Australian pounds. The corporal named him smokey and took him for a health examination. After examination, it was found that smoke is a "little fresh meat", and it is not a dog. He is more than one year old, but his physical development has been shaped, and he will be so big in the future.

In this way, smokey's extraordinary dog boy began to fight side by side with Wynne. Because smoke is a monk in the middle of the road and has no "official establishment", so it has no special dog food and medicine, so it has to follow the owner's side. He eats what he eats, where he lives and where he lives. During the March, it huddled in its master's backpack for a long time; when resting, it and its master huddled in the tent to rest together. Smokey's food is the food that the owner shares with him. He can only get one or two pieces of luncheon meat by improving his food occasionally.

Despite the lack of medicine, the local climate is extremely hot and humid, and the living conditions are very difficult, but our smoke is very competitive. We hardly ever had a disease in World War II. Because they often walk on coral, many dogs' paws are infected with disease. However, smoke seems to be a natural shield against the virus. It has also experienced 150 air raids and a typhoon, but like the God of luck, it has always been safe.

On one occasion, Wynne's ship was hit by artillery shells and caught fire on the deck. The boat was about to explode. The corporal, however, was not aware of the impending danger as he concentrated on fighting the enemy. At the critical moment, smokey, regardless of his own safety, stepped forward and dragged his master away from the dangerous area. Seconds later, the ship exploded and Wynne escaped.


What really makes smoke famous is the airport line laying. When the US Army built an airport on Luzon Island, it was necessary to connect the lines through pipelines. Who will finish the work? Because of the continuous air raid by the Japanese army, any one of the 250 ground crew members was too large.

Who can drill a narrow pipe without being discovered by the enemy?

Smoky, a small, intelligent and agile man, is now in our minds. The engineer tied the line to smoke and guided him through the long and narrow pipe. Because his small body successfully avoided the Japanese army's "magic eye", smokey successfully completed the task in a few days. It not only keeps the safety of the US ground crew, but also allows the U.S. aircraft to take off and land smoothly. During World War II, smokey participated in 12 missions and won eight service medals.

When they are not performing their duties, the gentle and considerate smokey shuttles through the wards of the wounded, performing tricks to give them reasons to smile when they are traumatized in the war. Before smokey, there was never a "treatment dog," and it was not until the discovery of smokey's amazing talent that doctors began to realize the positive impact of animal companionship on the rehabilitation of patients. Nowadays, Yorkshire Terrier, as a companion dog, has been widely used in the psychological rehabilitation of autistic children with its warm and friendly personality. In 1944, smokey and his owner retired honorably, and smokey was awarded the title of corporal. With the light of smokey, Yorkshire Terrier is also rapidly becoming popular in the world, no less than the current "net red".

Smokey has many unique skills, such as closing your eyes and walking tightrope. It has also received business invitation from many places, hoping that it can perform. But what smokey and Wynne are most passionate about is still performing stunts for disabled soldiers, comforting and encouraging them. On February 21, 1957, the 14-year-old corporal smokey died, and his owner buried him in Ohio, his hometown. Now the United States has also set up a "smoke" award to honor this year's outstanding rescue dogs.

Although the Yorkshire Terrier has long hair, it is not easy to depilate (this method is suitable for white-collar workers over 40 years old), and the amount of exercise is not large. If you don't like hair flying all over the sky, or you are an allergic constitution, if you often lazy cancer attack, stay at home do not want to move, then it is very suitable for you, table hesitant, you are worth having!