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Is Chinese Crested Dog expensive 2022

Dog Name Best

The Chinese Crested dog is famous for its top hat, which is similar to the dress of Qing Dynasty officials. In detail, there are many characteristics of Chinese Crested dogs. 

Characteristics of Chinese Crested dogs

First of all, this little guy is very small, belongs to a small toy dog, its size is like a Chihuahua, only slightly larger than its. Moreover, the Chinese Crested dog is a hairless dog. As the name suggests, it is hairless all over the body. Only the head and limbs grow a bunch of beautiful and long hair, while other parts of the body will not grow hair. However, the Chinese Crested dog has various body colors, including monochromatic and variegated colors.

Ugliest Dog

It can be said that Chinese Crested dogs are not beautiful. Chinese Crested dog has always been called the ugliest dog. The author thinks that this is different from person to person and can not be treated equally. The so-called radish green vegetables have their own love, there will always be people like the dog this strange shape. The Chinese Crested dog deserves praise for its cleverness.

Chinese Crested Dog good at performance

The Chinese Crested dog is very good at performance, very quick thinking, can quickly understand the meaning given by its owner. Moreover, Chinese Crested dogs seldom fight with each other. They are very harmonious with each other and will not fight over food and other issues. Chinese Crested dog is hairless, so there is no general dog trouble, this trouble is a health problem. Hairless Chinese Crested dogs rarely have peculiar smell, especially in hot summer weather, it is very easy to clean Chinese Crested dogs. And the dog itself is very clean, like a cat.

Is Chinese Crested Dog expensive? 

If you want to raise Chinese Crested dog, you will ask roughly, is Chinese Crested Dog expensive? I think the price of any dog depends largely on the purity of its pedigree. Purebred Chinese Crested dogs can be purchased between $150 and $300.