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Is Yorkshire Terrier suitable to be your pet dog? 2021

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After the successful domestication of dogs, for a long time, most of the dogs were used as working dogs, such as guarding homes, catching prey, and sometimes serving as military dogs. Because all dogs have a good sense of smell, some dogs have a strong, agile body, and sometimes can help people do things they can't do. Only these points we have to admit that human intelligence has brought the characteristics of dogs to the extreme, and dogs have become people's loyal partners.

Characteristics of Yorkshire Terrier

When people keep pet dogs, they always tend to small, beautiful and smart dogs, because such dogs often have little attack power. For women or children with weak physique, it is more convenient and safer to keep them; in addition, beautiful appearance is more likable, and high IQ means it is easier to complete training and do something that is not in human's view Often simple and interesting actions to satisfy people's inner emptiness.

The Yorkshire terrier from England has captured people's hearts with its petite body and long, soft and comfortable coat. Because of its long coat, people are particularly keen on dressing it up and decorating it, especially women.

Its body size is second only to Chihuahua, which is a relatively large number of toy dogs at present. In fact, it was originally one of the working dogs, and in the mid-19th century, it was kept catching mice, but at that time, the Yorkshire terrier was still larger, at least bigger than a cat.

With the improvement of its variety, its long coat satisfied people's idea of dressing up. Therefore, in the Victorian era, it became the darling of the ladies in the upper class. Women always like to decorate it with ribbons or ribbons to make it more popular. Even in modern times, there are still many movies in which the Yorkshire Terrier appears.

Yorkshire Terrier has all the characteristics of toy dogs. Its small head is relatively flat, its muzzle is medium long, and its teeth are quite strong. In addition to scissors bite, there are clamp bite. This is what happens in the process of human breeding. Generally speaking, as long as the breed is artificially bred for a long time, the occlusal shape will be different from the initial state. In addition, its round black eyes reveal a kind and intelligent appearance, which makes people feel like a lady.

Most Yorkshire terriers have V-shaped erect ears, and only a few have inherited diseases or have too many pedigrees to have broken ears. Its front legs and hind legs are neither inward nor valgus. The shoulder height is the same as other parts of the back. Under the cover of long fur, it looks like it moves naturally when running on its limbs, which is quite interesting. The most obvious feature of Yorkshire Terrier is that it has a silky and long coat, and its coat is quite straight, and the hair on the head and muzzle is also very long, which is convenient for people to take care of and dress up. Of course, if it is time-consuming, it is OK to trim properly.

Daily feeding of Yorkshire Terrier

For the Yorkshire Terrier, the most important feeding stage is puppies. During this period, the Yorkshire Terrier is in a period of vigorous metabolism, and its body size will grow rapidly, so it needs a lot of nutrition. Like most dogs, the Yorkshire Terrier needs to be fed four times in the first three months, so that it won't be picky and anorexic. Eating well but not supporting it can keep it healthy all the time.


When raising Yorkshire Terrier, it is also necessary to pay attention to not changing the feeding position at will, so as to avoid the misunderstanding that the Yorkshire Terrier can eat everywhere at home, which will cause the Yorkshire Terrier to feel irritable when looking for food and even destroy the furniture. In addition to the regular and quantitative feeding of food, water should be added at any time to facilitate the Yorkshire Terrier to replenish water at any time. However, the breeder can not prepare raw water for the Yorkshire Terrier because the puppies are weak and contain a lot of bacteria and chemicals. These ingredients are easy to make the puppies uncomfortable, so they are not suitable for drinking raw water.

In the course of feeding, untrained Yorkshire Terriers always have a great interest in food. Eating is like trying to do everything. It's very fast. Sometimes it can cause food protection problems. At this time, the owner needs to train him to eat slowly so as to avoid choking on himself. At the same time, it takes a long time to develop the Yorkshire terrier's lack of food protection.

It should be noted that the Yorkshire Terrier is small in size. Fish with thorns and chicken with bones are not suitable for feeding to the Yorkshire Terrier, so as to prevent the Yorkshire terrier from not digesting and being stabbed by the bones in the meat and then die. Once the Yorkshire Terrier has finished eating, it is necessary to take away the basin, because the pup does not know how much he is full, and if he eats too much, he will die.

In addition, the amount of food can also increase with the size of the Yorkshire Terrier, rather than more or less. Unlike cats, they don't know how to control the amount of food they eat, which will cause mental problems for the Yorkshire Terrier. In addition, if the food is always left over in the bowl and is not handled, it is very unhygienic, and it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort after being eaten by the Yorkshire Terrier.

The Yorkshire Terrier will enter the growth stage after 3 months of birth. At this time, people need to feed it with protein rich food, but the feeding frequency can be reduced from 4 times to 3 times; after 6 months, it only needs to keep feeding twice a day. Considering the daily influence of the Yorkshire Terrier, the breeder needs to give sufficient food. Because the Yorkshire Terrier is mainly meat, it is necessary to feed the Yorkshire terrier with 200-250 grams of meat every day, plus a proper amount of vegetarian food with less sugar, or choose different tastes of dog food according to the different growth stages of the Yorkshire Terrier.

Daily care of Yorkshire Terrier

In addition to regular eye and ear cleaning, the Yorkshire Terrier also needs to clean and care for its coat. Although the Yorkshire terrier's long coat is popular, it also needs daily care. This is because the Yorkshire Terrier has a long coat, is prone to skin diseases or parasites, and requires careful care during the grooming period.


In the period of puppies, people should comb the coat of Yorkshire Terrier so that they can get used to the process of combing without resistance. The long coat of a Yorkshire Terrier does not mean that it needs frequent bathing. On the contrary, as long as you comb and clean properly every day, you can take a bath once a few months. If you feel that the hair of a Yorkshire Terrier is not smooth enough, there is no need to use various softeners containing chemical substances. You only need to feed a cooked egg yolk every few days to achieve the effect of beautiful hair.

If you are concerned that bathing a Yorkshire Terrier in winter will make it cool, breeders can dry clean it and remove talcum powder cleaners before dry cleaning. This method can not only remove the dust and dirt on the hair, make the coat fresh, loose and shiny, but also promote the blood circulation in the skin blood vessels, strengthen the metabolism of cells, and make the hair grow more beautiful and beautiful.

Generally speaking, the Yorkshire Terrier is gentle and sticky, but it needs careful care, so it is more suitable for people with plenty of time. This is why the Yorkshire terrier was particularly popular in the European upper class at that time.