Dog Name Best

It takes some skill to call a dog's name 2022

Dog Name Best

You must not think that this is a trivial matter; in fact, it is quite important. Keeping a dog is not only to attract him by food and play; he should develop the habit of loving and getting close to his family when he is young.

A kind and friendly tone helps a lot

Its name is a kind of warm voice. Don't make it feel disgusting or terrible.

Another important point is that the rest of the family, like the host, must have a tacit understanding. Cooperate with each other, not daily "broken mouth", and call the dog's name at random.

Some people just want to be quick for a while, just care about their own fun, "greedy and complacent", when it is caused by the interest, they call out "Bobbie, Bobbie", "Qiqi, Qiqi", which will make the dog confused and confuse the actual function and meaning of its name.

It's just like the story of "the wolf is coming". The next time, the dog won't pay attention to you and call it by name, "pretend to be deaf and dumb.".