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Mexican hairless dog Xoloitzcuintli suffering from tragic fate 2022

Dog Name Best

It is sad that the hairless dog did not continue the previous legend, but was slaughtered. After the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the 16th century, they found it convenient to eat the hairless dog, and the Mexican hairless dog became the food for people.

Mexican hairless dog "warm hand"

People have found that they are also excellent heat conductors when buying hairy ones. Therefore, they were once used as "hand warming treasures" to bring warmth to patients and the elderly. They are ugly and lovely healers. With the further conquest of America by Europeans, the Mexican hairless dog was slaughtered because of its connection with the ancient Indian religious civilization. Therefore, the Mexican hairless dog ( xoloitzcuintli ) was on the verge of extinction during the colonial period.

Culture and art

At the beginning of the 20th century, Mexico's revolution came to an end. Mexican artists integrated the image of Mexican hairless dog into their own works of art. The Mexican hairless dog became a symbol of building Mexico's national identity. Today, the Mexican hairless dog has become a domestic pet of many Mexicans. The blood flowing on it seems to be telling the history of Mexico's civilization, religion, nationality and belief.

In 1956, Mexican hairless dogs were officially recognized in Mexico, when they were nearly extinct. Today, however, they are thriving again, especially among people who are allergic to hairy animals.