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Nursing points during delivery of female dogs 2021

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The dog is about to give birth to a dog! Many parents of dogs will be caught unprepared for the first delivery of their dogs. Some parents may even have to worry about helping their dogs deliver the baby. In fact, parents need not panic. Let me share my experience. I hope the experience of Chihuahua's childbirth will be useful to you. Don't doubt that whether your dog's price is much higher than that of Chihuahua, you can learn from it.

The state of dog delivery

Within 2 weeks before delivery, the mammary gland of the female dog developed rapidly, expanded and plumped. 24-36 hours before delivery. The female dog's appetite is greatly reduced or even stopped eating, the stool is thin, the behavior is impatient, and constantly uses the forelimb to pick the ground, especially the primipara female dog, the performance is more obvious. The time of delivery can be seen from the change of the temperature of the female dog. 3-4 days before delivery, the dog's body temperature dropped from normal 38-39 ℃ to 36.5-37.5 ℃. When the temperature rose, the dog was about to give birth.

The birth process of a dog

It's usually done by Chihuahua himself. Before delivery, Chihuahua is nervous, shivering, panting, breathing faster, loss of appetite, vomiting occasionally. She likes to drill into dark and warm places, such as under the bed, quilt and wardrobe. A few of them may ask for help from their owners. Some Chihuahua may dig the ground and tear newspapers. After that, Chihuahua appeared to be in a hurry, and the first fetus could be born in about one hour, and dystocia would be suspected if more than two hours later. The discharge time of each fetus is about 0.5-1 hour. The whole process continues for 3-6 hours. Generally, Chihuahua instinctively tears and licks the amniotic membrane, bites off the umbilical cord, licks the baby and swallows the fetal membrane.

Get the delivery room ready

You can use a clean paper box, wooden box, or basket. You can only make a round hole on the side to let the pregnant Chihuahua go in and out freely. Take an opening at the top. Close the opening at ordinary times for observation. Spread clean newspaper and towel inside. Put the box in a quiet place at home. Pay attention to the warm keeping measures in autumn and winter.

Moderate exercise

Chihuahua should have a proper amount of free exercise two weeks before delivery to prevent its dystocia.

Replenish physical strength

During childbirth, appropriate amount of sugar water or milk can be given to Chihuahua to supplement physical strength. When contractions occur, Chihuahua will stand up and turn around. Sometimes dogs like to give birth lying down. Please let it find its proper delivery position. You have to watch it to prevent it from hiding. During the first contractions, the dog gasps more. Hypothermia, restlessness, nervousness. You should observe whether Chihuahua has dystocia, whether there is uterine bleeding phenomenon, timely take to the animal hospital for treatment. People who really love dogs will not ask the question of how much Chihuahua costs at this time. As long as we can keep the children and mother safe, Who cares how much money?