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Six tips for a quiet dog 2022

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If you have a dog in your family, besides making you happy, dog barking should give you a headache. How to make your dog quiet? Here are six tips to help you have a quiet dog.

Encourage and Reward

When the dog barks, ring the bell. When the dog shut up, he will give snacks and praise the dog. After a long time, the dog will be quiet when he hears the bell again. However, training, always need to spend a little time, the host himself can't fish three days, two days in the net.


When the dog is barking, hold a water gun to nourish it. For small dogs and cats, this method can be regarded as a trial and error. But be careful not to muzzle his ears with a water gun.


Barking is just too much energy. Let the dog exercise, can consume its physical strength, but also make it in the spirit of satisfaction. Play tired of nature on a good sleep, where there is so much energy howling. However, this method may be slightly inferior to natural "athletes" such as Dalmatians and golden retrievers.


Dogs bark sometimes to get their owners' attention. If you turn around and leave and don't ask, the dog will feel bored and shut up. If you're still in training, remember to use this during the day, and your neighbors will collapse at night.


Many dogs barking because it is boring, you can use its favorite toy or bone to tease it when it barks. Most dogs will immediately run to grab its toys, and you will be left alone.

Noise stimulation

Dogs are especially sensitive to hearing, and some of the stronger noises may be intolerable to them. Therefore, when the dog barks, you can return it a more intense noise, stimulate it several times, and basically stop it.

But the owners should pay attention to it. Even if they are angry again, they can't use corporal punishment. Seeing how happy dogs bring us, we must have patience and train them well.