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The five hardest dog breeds to keep 2021

Dog Name Best

The following five big pet dogs are the most difficult to keep. They are all extraordinary! You must know them!

Siberian Husky

  1. Maybe there is no snow, so its IQ is sealed, so it often shows some behaviors that ordinary people can't understand.

  2. You may have to spend a lot of money on new furniture because it will make a mess of your home.

  3. It yearns for the outside world and likes to play. If you don't, you may not find it. If it doesn't know the way home, it may get lost.

Border Collie

  1. Like the intelligence quotient of a dog, its intelligence is undeniable. But keeping such a dog sometimes makes its owner doubt his intelligence.

  2. As a shepherd dog, he needs a lot of exercise. He needs to exercise every day. But be careful when taking it out.

Shiba Inu

  1. It is independent, some stubborn, it does not want to do, the owner is difficult to change. It may deliberately betray its master.

  2. It is very territorial and aggressive. If you take it out for a walk, it may irritate other dogs. Therefore, you must tie it well when you walk. Once you let it go, you can't catch up with it.

  3. It eats a lot. If it doesn't eat well, it will lose a lot of nutrition. Keep it as nutritious as possible and eat better.

French Bulldog

  1. Poor health, easy to get sick. A tender dog afraid of cold and heat. Clothes should be prepared when it is cold and heatstroke should be paid attention to when it is hot.

  2. Due to the physiological defects of narrow nasal wings, it is not only easy to get heatstroke, but also easy to snore, and the sound is loud when sleeping. If people sleep shallow, they can't stand it. Also because of the nose, it can't work hard, which can easily lead to weight gain, which can lead to other problems.

  3. It has a bad stomach. If it eats the wrong food, it will either fart or have diarrhea. So feed it as many probiotics as you can.


  1. It looks like an angel falling to the ground, but the person who resurrects it knows that this angel can also become a devil. Will you pick it up from the mud and dung pit and run to you?

  2. Its thick white hair is the magic weapon of its high appearance, but it is also its disadvantage. When you give it a bath and blow dry its hair, it's like snow.

  3. You need to feed him high quality dog food.

  4. Although Samoyed is gentle in character, it is easy to get lost. When you take it out for a walk, you must take good care of it to avoid being abducted by greedy food. In addition, it is large in size and vigorous in energy, so it has certain requirements for activity space.