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The historical development of Yorkshire Terrier 2021

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Although the Yorkshire Terrier is petite and charming in shape, it has mixed more than one breed of dog in the improvement of more than 100 years. It is not uncommon to say that it is a series of dogs. In the early days, it was considered to be a cross breed of skey Terrier, pleasure Terrier, dandy dingmon terrier and Maltese.

Originated in England

In the early 19th century, there was another branch of the old black terrier in England. It was called the riverside dog. This breed has also contributed to the development of the Yorkshire Terrier. The riverside dog is very small and weighs no more than five Jin. It has gray coat on its body and silver white coat on its head, which is similar to the present Yorkshire Terrier. The most famous mousetrap in the black terrier is the Manchester Terrier, which is also very small and exquisite. It is also one of the ancestors of Yorkshire Terrier. That is to say, when working in a mine, the Yorkshire Terrier has at least two or three different canine bloodlines.

After that, the world set off a frenzy of colonial territory, and people began the era of great navigation. In this process, the Celts and other tribes who invaded Great Britain and the colonists who occupied Ireland brought all kinds of dog breeds. So the Yorkshire Terrier mated with these breeds, and the blood was unified and changed again. Later, the Normans took the British at that time Great Britain introduced their native breed, which changed the lineage of most of the native breeds. Now, it has been confirmed that the Yorkshire Terrier has bloodlines of the marzis, the black brown Terrier, the Manchester terrier and the short foot long hair terrier.


By 1850, a Yorkshire Terrier named hudderfield Ben, one of the heirs of the Yorkshire Terrier, was born in 1865 by an old crab, a blue long haired Clyde Terrier, and an old Kitty, a broken ear, similar to the skey terrier. Their owner, Brad yuan, is also known as the "father of breed" by historians. This dog expert started the breeding of Yorkshire Terrier as a breeder.

Scotch Terrier

In 1861, the Yorkshire terrier was first exhibited in England. It was called "Scotch Terrier" at that time. It was officially renamed as Yorkshire Terrier in 1870. Because the Yorkshire dog inherited the fine wool of the Maltese dog, its plush is long and soft as silk, smooth and bright, so it is loved by the majority of nobles. Soon, the Yorkshire terrier was introduced into the United States in 1892. Because it was loved by the majority of breeders, by the 20th century, the breed had spread all over the world.

However, because the Northern British workers who successfully improved the Yorkshire Terrier are not willing to tell the secret of successful breeding to those who want to make a profit by breeding the Yorkshire Terrier, there is not much record about the history of Yorkshire Terrier breeding. But it can't be denied that the workers at that time did not know how to breed and how to record, or maybe the appearance of Yorkshire terrier was only accidental. Therefore, there is no definite conclusion about the appearance of Yorkshire Terrier.