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The history of wire Fox Terrier 2022

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As for how wire Fox Terrier evolved, in fact, there is no clear pedigree. It is generally believed that wire Fox Terrier has the lineage of coarse black-and-white stems and many other terriers. This terrier from England is a rather traditional English dog. It was loved by nobles at that time and was widely used in hunting.

Powerful sports genes

Their speed, endurance and strength are excellent, and Fox Terrier is a model of symmetry in foxhounds. They are even like an experienced hunter, able to adapt to a variety of terrain. They are not only good at running, but also good at waiting until their prey is exhausted. Wire Fox Terrier has been registered in the United States for more than 100 years.

The history of wire Fox Terrier

The earliest Fox Terrier was not classified as Wire or Smooth when it appeared. Some people think that Fox Terrier appeared in the Birmingham exhibition in 1862, but they did not appear in the familiar form, or the fox terrier dog, which was quite similar to Fox Terrier, appeared on the exhibition at that time, which caused confusion.

However, after the improvement of Fox Terrier in the late 19th century, they gradually evolved into their present form and were welcomed by the world in the early 20th century. However, after the 1930s, they gradually lost their favor and gradually came back to people's attention until recently.

In fact, when it comes to wire Fox Terrier and Smooth Fox Terrier, there is a difference of about 20 years in the years when they entered the international exhibition. In 1984, the American AKC club adopted the standard to distinguish Smooth Fox Terrier from wire Fox Terrier, which was implemented on January 1, 1985. Interestingly, it is pointed out in this standard that these two sounds quite similar fox terriers may not have originated from the same ancestor.

More interestingly, early breeders hybridized wire fox terrier with Smooth Fox Terrier to give the former a classic look of white, straight head and stem. In fact, the color of Fox Terrier has always been an important issue in the process of hybridization, evolution and breeding. Next, we will introduce the white fox terrier.