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The origin of wire Fox Terrier 2021

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They are excellent in speed, endurance and strength, and Fox Terrier is a model of symmetry in foxhounds. They are even like an experienced hunter, able to adapt to a variety of terrain. They are not only good at running, but also good at waiting until their prey is exhausted. Wire Fox Terrier has been registered in the United States for more than 100 years.

Features of wire Fox Terrier

When it comes to Terrier, its name comes from the Latin word "terra," meaning digging and earth. This shows the specialty of this breed of dog. They are good at burrowing, so they like to hunt foxes, rabbits, otters and other small animals in the soil or caves near their habitats.

A similar characteristic of terriers is that they have hair that covers the tip of the mouth, so it looks very much like a dog's beard. As a matter of fact, Terriers are not far away from us. Many of them are well-known and are even being raised now.

Terrier Dog

The most common ones are the Schnauzer (including the Miniature Schnauzer, the Standard Schnauzer and the Giant Schnauzer). They are known as "grandfather", but in fact, they are quite cheerful and extremely clingy. In addition, Bedlington Terrier is a common breed. They look like small sheep, but their character is not obedient. They are bold, sharp and aggressive.

The origin of wire Fox Terrier

In fact, the vast majority of Terriers are from England, which can be said to be the home of terriers (Schnauzer was originally born in 15th century Germany, and a few non British breeds). The wire Fox Terrier I'm going to talk about today is just a terrier, and it's also a typical one. The wire Fox Terrier is about 16-18 pounds full, with a shoulder height of no more than 15.5 inches and a body length of about 12 inches.

Their coat looks uneven, twisted, thick, and silky. The hair is so dense and thick that you can't see the skin by pulling it out with your hand. They usually have a white background with black markings. In addition, there are slate, red or liver markings, but they are not popular.

Their nose relative to the muzzle, gradually thinning, nose color for black, with a beard looks quite stable. That's why many people confuse them with the Schnauzer. In fact, although both belong to Terrier dogs, there is still a big gap in appearance, habit and size.

So how did this wire Fox Terrier evolve? When did they first appear? Are there any differences between fox terriers? What is the historical origin of their coat color in the process of identification? This article will take you to explore the historical and cultural knowledge of seta Fox Terrier.