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The origin of Yorkshire Terrier 2021

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Yorkshire Terrier, produced in Yorkshire in the northeast of England, became the pet dog of European upper class because of its appearance. Therefore, some people call it Yorkshire Terrier, Joseph terrier and Joseph scarlet. In the Victorian period, Yorkshire terrier was very popular. Not only did the upper class like to raise it, but also other classes of people loved it very much, which made it a dog market position in later generations.

Loyal Yorkshire Terrier

Dogs that accompany people have always been loyal to their duties, and become working dogs. They either run to catch prey in the fields, or stay at home to look after their homes. So, without cats, who can catch rats? Or dogs. Although dogs don't have the vigorous posture and quick speed of cats, it is still possible to catch mice. As a result, the Yorkshire Terrier, regarded as an Irish spirit in modern times, has been given this task.

In the beginning

Originally, the Yorkshire terrier was a rat catcher. In the mid-19th century, people began to exploit various resources. Workers raised the Yorkshire Terrier to catch a large number of mice in the mine. Weavers in the factory also raise Yorkshire Terriers to catch mice and prevent them from biting the woven cloth. Many people didn't expect that this bright looking dog breed had just emerged living in a dark, cold mine tunnel and a factory full of sundries. Even if the hair is long, it's not a problem for the Yorkshire Terrier. They're also very good at catching mice. Some people once joked that the Yorkshire terrier's long hair is woven with cloth.

A Large Yorkshire Terrier

Of course, it's just a joke. In fact, Yorkshire Terriers are modified by a variety of dogs. Originally, Yorkshire terrier was not so small. The original Yorkshire terrier was even bigger than the cat. One of their ancestors was the old-fashioned black brown Terrier which was extinct in modern England. This kind of dog was very fierce and had more hair. Many people thought it was the ancestor of the Willshire terrier and the elvalley dog.

Yorkshire Terrier, which is born in Yorkshire in northeast England, has become a pet dog of European upper class because of its shape relationship. Therefore, it is also called Yorkshire Terrier, Joseph dog and Joseph scarlet. In Victorian times, Yorkshire terrier was popular, not only was it popular in the upper class, but also loved by other people, which made it a market position in later generations.