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Tips for feeding wirehaired pointing Griffon 2022

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How to feed wirehaired pointing Griffon, no matter what kind of dog breeds are raised, the breeding plan should be made according to their living habits. The feeding difficulty of wirehaired pointing Griffon is not big. In addition to good maintenance work, some training should be carried out for them, so that they can better integrate into human life. How to feed wirehaired pointing Griffon?

Give it a house

The house of wirehaired pointing Griffon should be placed in a quiet and dark place. It is better to choose a place where it is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is ventilated and protected from the sun. If possible, different places should be selected in winter and summer.

The defecation area of wirehaired pointing Griffon should not be changed at will

Once the location of the toilet is determined, try not to move it. This is to prevent wirehaired pointing Griffon from urinating when he can't find it.

Choose the right Basin

If a plastic basin is used as a food basin for wirehaired pointing Griffon, it is easy to be bitten by wirehaired pointing Griffon, and it is not easy to wash if it is dirty. It may be better to buy an expensive stainless steel basin. The best choice is to buy the bottom is relatively stable, not easy to overturn.

Choose the collar that matches the wirehaired pointing Griffon

There are various kinds of collars, such as leather, synthetic leather, nylon and metal. The best choice for small dogs is a soft spot, while for long haired dogs, it is easy to cause hair loss or neck hair if collar is used.

Sanitary cleaning products

In order to keep the hair and skin of wirehaired pointing Griffon clean, don't forget to prepare some cleaning products for it, such as shampoo, hair conditioner and comb, brush, nail clipper, tweezers, cotton swab, etc.

Finally, purchase some daily necessities for wirehaired pointing Griffon, such as dog drinking basin, dog food, sleeping mat, dog cage, traction rope, etc. In addition, some bone biting, glue biting, claw grinding board, toys, etc. can also be properly prepared.