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Training method of wirehaired pointing Griffon 2022

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Dogs are more intelligent among pets, but many families find that their dogs are very troublesome. They are naughty and trivial, but what is more troublesome is that they defecate everywhere. Can you tolerate dogs using your sofa or kitchen as a toilet? Therefore, our training for dogs is very important. What should we do about the training? Let's make it up Tell you about wirehaired pointing Griffon's training method.

Get to know your dog

Many parents often complain about their dogs' disobedience or bad habits after they enter the house. Although some behavior habits of dogs are indeed related to genetic factors, the influence of their owners will also bring changes to the dogs. Therefore, when there is a problem of bad dog behavior, parents should not complain at the first time, but should find out the  root of the problem. If the dog comes to your family soon after birth, it is very important to do a good job of socialization. Generally speaking, the period within 4 months of age is the best period for socialization. If there is something wrong with the training during this period, the situations mentioned at the beginning of the article may appear. But in the process of puppies' maintenance, what should parents do to avoid accidents?

Dog socialization is not simply to let the dog contact with other dogs. The process of contact with people and other animals is also a part of the socialization of dogs. In addition, the socialization of dogs should also include the process of making dogs adapt to their living environment, getting familiar with the things around them, and avoiding fear of certain stimuli (such as the sound of car horns and firecrackers on the street).

When the dog does not leave his mother, through playing with his mother and brothers and sisters, the dog can learn to communicate with the same kind of skills. For example, in the process of getting along with their companions, dogs will know what kind of force will not hurt their companions when playing with them. If dogs leave their mothers and companions before they learn this skill, they may encounter the situation of biting other dogs when they fight with other dogs in the future. For dogs who leave their mothers prematurely, their owners can also train them. For example, when they open their mouths and bite you, you can tell them sternly that they can't. usually, dogs can understand the meaning of their owners in a short time.

Patient guidance

Parents must first adjust their mentality in the process of training wirehaired pointing Griffon. The puppies are just like their children. Proper guidance can make your training twice the result with half the effort. For example, most parents can train dogs to defecate. When you go home and see a dog's urine stains or poop in the middle of the living room, it's too late to teach them a lesson. They won't know why you're angry, so they can only guess by themselves. Some dogs will think that you are just grumpy after work, and eventually lead them to dare not approach you quickly when you come home from work; while some dogs think that it is impossible to defecate in the middle of the living room, so it is better to change to a more hidden place next time.


In the face of such a situation, parents can first observe where the dog poops most often, and then lay a urine mat in those places. When seeing the dog defecating on the urine pad, remember to praise them. When they know to defecate on the mat, you can put the pad in a fixed place, take them to the pad before the dog's habitual defecation, let them smell the smell of the pad, and the dog will know to defecate at a fixed point under the long-term guidance. In the same way, the guidance method can also be used when training dogs not to grab the sofa and not to pounce on people. As long as the guidance method is correct, dogs can not only meet the owner's requirements quickly, but also greatly reduce the possibility of "recurrence".

Proper coercion

Sometimes the patient guidance of parents may not make wirehaired pointing Griffon really obey the instructions immediately. At this time, parents need to do a little forced training. For example, in the process of training dogs not to pounce on people, parents usually guide them like this: put down the dog's legs again and again, and immediately retreat when seeing the dog's quick attack. However, some dogs will do their best to attack people. Encounter such a dog, when they pounce on you again, you can directly push them away and tell them in a commanding tone that it is not possible to do so. If the dog continues to pounce, then the parents can gently tap their nose. In the process of forced training, the host must not "slap and give a candy", otherwise your forced training will not have any effect.

Reward with toys and snacks

Training dogs must be inseparable from the stimulation of reward, stimulation can include toys, snacks and touching. When giving the dog incentives, the owner needs to do the following work:

1. The reward should be different according to the difficulty of training. For example, for the low difficulty training, just give them some touching stimulation, and if the dog completes the more difficult training, you can give them some snacks that they can't get as stimulation.

2. Rewards should not be given frequently. No matter what kind of reward, if you keep giving it every day, at the end of the day, the dog will feel that these rewards are just what they should get. Therefore, it is more difficult to carry out new training. The owner can only prepare better snacks or toys to enable the dog to complete the new training.