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What are the pros and cons of German Shepherds? 2022

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The German Shepherd is a very smart guard dog. It can perform many special tasks and can also be a good companion dog. Therefore, more and more people are raising German Shepherds. Here are the pros and cons of German Shepherds!

For many novice owners, the biggest trouble is that the dogs they raise are easy to get sick, which brings many troubles to many novice owners. German Shepherd is a dog with good physique, strong disease resistance and not easy to get sick. Therefore, in the breeding process, German Shepherd is not easy to suffer from common diseases such as colds, skin diseases, diarrhea and vomiting. From this point of view, it is more suitable to raise, and it is also suitable for novice owners with rough branches and leaves.

The IQ of the German Shepherd is not as high as that of the Border Collie and the Golden Retriever, but it is a relatively intelligent dog breed. In the past, the German Shepherd appeared as a police dog as a military dog, and its training ability is very strong, so in the process of raising the German Shepherd, basically what to do with it. can be done well.

Just looking at the appearance of the German Shepherd, you may feel that the German Shepherd is a bit fierce, especially tall and mighty, which always makes people feel that they are inviolable. In fact, the German Shepherd is a relatively lively, docile dog breed that likes to get along with people. In life, it can also adapt to the life of modern families, and can take good care of the elderly and children at home, so from this point of view, German Shepherd is also more suitable for family pet dogs.

What are the advantages of the German Shepherd? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the German Shepherd?

    The German Shepherd's hair is not particularly long and is easy to maintain, but the German Shepherd has a strong body odor, and even if the German Shepherd is bathed regularly, it will have a great smell. Therefore, if you cannot accept this, it is recommended not to raise German Shepherds.

    The German Shepherd has a strong physique and a huge body, so the necessary amount of exercise is relatively large. If there is not enough time to take the German Shepherd to exercise, the fat accumulation of the German Shepherd will become serious and affect its health. At the same time, if the owner's company and regular exercise are not enough, the German Shepherd will bark alone, which will affect the rest of the neighbors. So from this point of view, raising morality shepherds is not good.

    Because the German Shepherd is a police dog and a military dog, he is instinctively curious about everything, so he likes to collect messy things, and friends who cannot stand it should not keep a German Shepherd.

    From the above points, it can be seen that German Shepherd has advantages and disadvantages. Do you think you are suitable for raising German Shepherd?