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What is the reason why dogs have halitosis? 2022

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Why does a dog's mouth stink? One of the main causes of halitosis is the lack of proper and timely cleaning on weekdays, and the accumulation of yellowish or even greenish tartar and calculus on the teeth. They can stink, which can cause gingival inflammation, periodontal disease and so on. How to make the dog have a row of clean teeth, wheezing without halitosis, that is the responsibility of parents.

The reason of dog's bad breath

For the dog's halitosis, mostly because of eating unhealthy caused! Dogs belong to omnivorous animals, and mainly focus on meat. After eating, food residues stay between the teeth, and the mouth will emit a bad smell. If a dog has an intolerable bad breath, it may suffer from oral inflammation, gingivitis, periodontitis or gastrointestinal disease.

But generally speaking, if your dog is healthy and has a little bad breath, you can control it by brushing its teeth or adjusting its food.

Diseases causing bad breath in dogs

If your dog has an intolerable bad breath, it may have oral inflammation, gingivitis, periodontitis, or gastrointestinal disease. Then you have to go to the hospital to treat the dog. Studies have found that bad breath in dogs can cause problems with other organs and stimulate the growth of tumors. Halitosis can cause the tissue death in the dental pulp and make the root loose and fall off.

In addition to the problems of teeth, older dogs often suffer from oral tumors. Oral tissues are electrocuted to death by biting wires. Diseases in the throat, nose, mouth and esophagus, and disorders of liver and pancreas can all cause halitosis.

Methods of preventing dog halitosis

Eat special dog food, not human food. Besides the crisp and moderate, clean teeth, the special dog food has health formula provided by experts, which can effectively guarantee the nutritional needs of dogs in all aspects.