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What should we do if the dog is too thin? 2022

Dog Name Best

A dog is a member of your family. What if he becomes thinner? It can be considered from the following aspects:

The common situation of dog becoming thin

1. Lack of food: because the dog suffers from various or certain diseases, loss of appetite or strong aversion, or inflammation in the mouth, which makes it unable to fully absorb nutritious food, that is, the dog is too thin.

2. Digestive or absorption defects: gastrointestinal or liver, pancreas and other diseases, resulting in diarrhea or constipation; digestive enzymes of differentiated food are abnormal, nutrients can not be absorbed, etc., which are the reasons for the dog to be too thin.

How does dog eat much still thin how to do?

1. For dog food read: we should choose a high protein content of dog food. When selecting, please refer to the formula content on the packaging bag to see the protein content. When feeding high protein dog food, please reduce the amount of feeding, otherwise it is very simple diarrhea.

2. For deworming reading: when you find that your dog is thin, you must consider a crucial question, do you have punctuality to expel insects for dogs? Parasites are one of the main culprits causing the dog to lose weight, and it is necessary to pay attention to things.

How does dog anorexia emaciation do?

1. Increase the amount of exercise: more time to accompany the dog to run, the problem of anorexia is handled smoothly. However, for different dogs, it is best to choose different exercise methods.

2. When adjusting feeding: the best way to deal with it is to make up for the sugar and salt water for the dog when it is hot, and adjust the feeding time to cool night or early morning.