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What size will Chihuahua grow to 2021

Dog Name Best

Everyone is familiar with Chihuahua. This is a kind of pet dog which is very popular in big cities. It is very popular among people from all walks of life in the city. Cleverness is its mark.

Lovely Chihuahua

If you make a metaphor for Chihuahua, you can use the appropriate and figurative metaphor of elves. People who have raised Chihuahua will know that Chihuahua's personality is very prominent, also very cute, strange and likable. Although they are small, they have the hunting instinct of large dogs and the bravery of terriers. When they go out, they have no fear of other dogs. Even when they are invaded, they will fight back. Their bravery is shocking, no matter how big the other dog is. There is a great spirit of death rather than surrender. However, Chihuahua is very possessive to his master. They are very loyal to his master. However, he is very vigilant towards strangers, and even does not allow strangers to get close to them.

What size will Chihuahua grow to?

Strictly speaking, Chihuahua is a small toy dog, whose physique is not very large even in adulthood. If it exceeds the normal physical range, it is disqualified. The standard height of adult Chihuahua is 15 ~ 23cm, and the weight is 1 ~ 3kg. If the weight and height are not in these ranges, they will be regarded as unqualified physique.

How much space is needed

Chihuahua is a small dog, which needs a small space for activities, so raising Chihuahua will not occupy too much space. Chihuahua itself does not need too much activity, generally a small area can let Chihuahua activity to pant. Chihuahua's physique needs to be controlled and can not exceed the standard range, which requires the parents' careful care. If it exceeds the standard, it will pose a threat to the health of Chihuahua.