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White Fox Terrier 2022

Dog Name Best

The wire Fox Terrier we see today has a white background, and its back is often striped: This is the standard form of wire Fox Terrier. However, this is far from the original form of wire Fox Terrier. In the early days when they were used by British nobles to hunt foxes, the fox terriers should have a yellowish brown coat.

Their protective colors

This is their protective color, easy to hide in the grass. However, such fur color does bring a lot of trouble. During the hunting process, Fox Terrier was mistaken for Fox Terrier and killed many times. They are even attacked as foxes by their companions, some of the larger hounds. As a result, today people see that the white background color is actually specially cultivated, which is to some extent to protect the wire fox terriers who carry out fox hunting work.

The adventures of Tintin

When it comes to wire Fox Terrier, a popular image, the prototype of snow white in the adventures of Tintin comes from this. In the works of Herge, a Belgian cartoonist, snow white is almost never separated from Tintin. It is endowed with a human side, and even can communicate with Tintin through actions and expressions.

In the cartoon, snow white is a snow-white wire Fox Terrier, which has the excellent qualities of Fox Terrier: loyalty, bravery (although it occasionally shows a timid side due to the needs of plot and character freshness), and can accompany Tintin to take risks, which can be said to be a typical wire Fox Terrier.

However, in reality, there is no such fox terrier with snow-white body and no trace of plaque. Some people think that the formation of this characteristic of snow white is due to the author's omission of a coloring procedure. Today's wire Fox Terrier has gradually lost its function as a hunting dog and developed into a companion dog and family dog that can live in the city.