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Why does a dog like to chases its tail? 2022

Dog Name Best

About 3 months of puppies, usually like to chase their own tail around. Sometimes it can last for dozens of minutes, sometimes it turns to fall to the ground, gasping station up and turn again.

Does the dog have mental illness?

You don't think it's the dog's psychological problems or diseases. When your dog chases its tail, it means it's already bored. If you ignore it and let it continue to move around, it may become a habit to turn around as a kind of play behavior. When it is a little bigger, it may lose its balance and fall.

Therefore, we must not ignore the dog's circling behavior or let it go for fun.

How to solve this problem?

When you find the dog chasing his tail, you can immediately find a toy for him to play with or play with him to distract his attention. If conditions permit, you can take the dog out for a walk. When there is no one at home, leave a few more toys for the dog to play with. In this way, the dog can gradually change the bad habit of chasing his tail.