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Why Is My Dog Always Hungry 2022

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Why are dogs always hungry when they have been fed? Do I need to feed it?

When raising a dog, one of the things that bothers the owner is that when you eat snacks, the dog always looks at you expectantly, even though he has just eaten. When a dog behaves like this, you may wonder if you have provided enough food for the dog. Of course, this is not the case. When the sound of candy wrapping paper calls the dog closer to you, someone who doesn't know the dog will firmly say that he is hungry, but as a host, you should know clearly that hunger is not the real reason.

A hungry dog

In fact, are dogs always hungry? Statistics show that under the influence of today's pet concept, dog obesity has reached the level of epidemic. So it's certain that every time a dog approaches you while you're eating, his body may not be hungry, although his behavior is very eager.

Where does the dog come from

In order to explain this, we must consider the origin of the dog, where the dog came from, and the history of its development. Canines evolved with human beings and eventually formed a way of life of scavengers. Early dogs lived with humans and ate what they left behind.

For dogs of this period, it was much easier to eat human trash than to hunt like wolves. According to discover wild animals magazine, wolves only kill their prey successfully in 14% of the time. However, for dogs, rummaging in the garbage seems to have a higher success rate and less risk. Human leftovers don't run away, they don't have to worry about the counterattack of leftovers, they don't burn calories in search of food, and they don't need to fight back at prey with sharp hooves or swinging heads.

We and the dogs

When dogs finally develop a partnership with us, they must have proved their wisdom and can provide all kinds of help for human life. What a good partnership! When history has developed to the present, the status of dogs is no longer as humble as it has been, and dogs do not have to look for food from the food residues left by human beings. Instead, owners buy high-quality meals for them, or make their own nutritious meals for dogs. In exchange, dogs will guard our territory, family and property. They will please us, make us happy and remind us what friendship is.

When their owners eat, dogs become animal opportunists, and they can't let go of the opportunity to get handouts. They don't need any effort (except to look at you fondly) to know what you're eating and get food from your hands. Your dog will think it's worth trying. They don't have to plunder food like wolves. Dogs have become so smart these days that they have evolved with us to become opportunistic.

In a word, the reason why dogs always covet your food is not physical hunger, but their brains that have evolved to be smart. When the owner sees the dog's pitiful appearance, he should also pay attention to whether the food on his hand is suitable for the dog to eat. Improper feeding will cause great harm to the health of the dog!