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Why Is My Dog Panting 2022

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Have you noticed that your dog is always panting? Of course, this doesn't mean the dog's panting after exercise. This kind of performance is very normal, the wheezing at this time is generally the performance of having a good time. In fact, sometimes a dog doesn't exercise, but it also gasps. So, does a dog's panting represent a problem with his body? This may not be true. There are also many possibilities for a dog to gasp. Let's talk about this topic today.

The dog is always panting, is this his body problem? Here are five causes of dog panting.

Regulate body temperature

Dogs are different from humans, they do not have developed sweat glands for heat dissipation, the only thing they can rely on is their own respiratory system. Of course, there are other ways for dogs to dissipate heat, such as in ditches. When the outdoor temperature is higher, the dog's panting condition will become more serious. At this time, the owner needs to take some cooling measures for the dog to make the dog feel less uncomfortable.

Dog's anxiety

The dog's constant panting may be due to the problem of excessive pressure. If the dog is frightened by some sudden loud noise, the dog will gasp because of anxiety and fear, just as people are frightened and panting.

The dog is sick

A lot of dog's diseases have the symptom of panting. This is the case with respiratory disease or heart disease. If the dog has not had strenuous exercise, or the temperature is not high, the dog will still have a wheezing problem, which means that the dog may have a corresponding problem. Especially after the dog into old age, dogs are more likely to suffer from heart disease.


Allergy is a complex problem. So far, people have not known how the immune system works, so it has not solved the problem of dog allergy. If dogs have allergies, they may have respiratory abnormalities. If a dog really has a panting problem due to allergies, then we need to identify the allergen of the dog, and then avoid the corresponding problem.


When dogs eat some poisonous and harmful substances, dogs will also have some adverse reactions, including the problem of panting. Poisons are not only well-known rat poisons and so on. In fact, there are many foods in life that can cause poisoning reactions of dogs. Therefore, owners should pay special attention to prevent dogs from eating some harmful substances.

Because dogs don't have language as a communication tool like human beings, they can only use some simple body language to remind their owners that there are some abnormalities in themselves. So owners still need to know more about dog care knowledge, so that dogs can be healthy and happy to accompany you to continue to spend its life.