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Wire fox terrier's congenital diseases and epilepsy 2022

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Before you decide to raise wire Fox Terrier, it's best to understand the disease risks in them. For wire Fox Terrier, their genetic diseases include epilepsy, congenital deafness, etc. Common diseases include: necrosis of femoral head, cataract, trichiasis, joint dislocation, fungal dermatosis, bacterial dermatosis, etc.

Canine epilepsy

Because it is quite dangerous, I would like to talk about dog epilepsy, especially primary epilepsy. In fact, in many forums of raising wire Fox Terrier, it is mentioned that a few dogs occasionally have epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a sudden attack and characterized by temporary loss of consciousness and muscle spasm of the brain disorders, is a manifestation of neurological dysfunction. It is mainly divided into two types, namely primary epilepsy and secondary epilepsy. There are many causes of secondary epilepsy, and epilepsy caused by wire fox terrier's genetic disease is mostly classified as primary epilepsy.

Its pathogenesis is often related to genetic factors, resulting in increased sensitivity of cerebral cortex and subcortical center to external stimuli. And when the onset of the disease will appear the whole body stiffness, body contraction, loss of consciousness, and accompanied by the symptoms of fecal incontinence.

How to prevent wire Fox Terrier epilepsy

Of course, there are some dogs when the onset of biting, howling or circling, which can be generally classified as neuromotor epilepsy, and often eventually evolve into ordinary epilepsy. For dogs with epilepsy, it is generally recommended to eat low zinc and low potassium dog food, and salt intake should be controlled if dog food is provided by oneself. In addition, pay attention to the control of water intake, because dogs in the body of excessive water, also prone to epilepsy.