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Dog Name Best

For those who enjoy more of a laidback lifestyle, a loyal bulldog might prove a better fit. Besides regular walks, these dignified pups love a good snooze. While their wrinkled mugs might win you over, take care if you live in a warm climate: The short snouts make them prone to overheating.

History of Bulldog

Bulldog, native to the United Kingdom, is said to be a combination of mastiff and bull terrier. It has been used as a bullfight in history, with ferocity and aggressiveness. Later, bullfighting with dogs was prohibited by law, and the breed developed to pet dogs. Nowadays, this breed is very popular for its fierce appearance and kind and steady character. It is a famous pet dog breed and can also be used as an excellent guard dog. The body weight of adult male dogs is about 22.7 kg, and that of adult female dogs is about 18 kg.

Characteristics of Bulldog

The dog's head is large and wide, square, with deep wrinkles on the face, small and thin ears, large and wide nostrils, black nose, strong and powerful jaws, strong teeth and super occlusion. The neck is short, thick and strong. The trunk is thick and powerful, the limbs are strong, and the tail is short and drooping. It becomes thin from the tail root to the tail tip, or straight tail or twisted tail. The coat is short, thin and close to the body.

Small as it is, it has the body shape of a powerful, muscular dog that is out of proportion to its size. The head is very big, and the head circumference is almost equal to the height. The eyes are low, and the fur is mostly white, mixed with many red or light yellow brown stripes. The face is short, the nose is upturned, flat and wide. The dorsal hair is short, smooth and thick.


It is suitable for city life, suitable for hot weather, does not need to comb the coat frequently, is not easy to train, is an excellent goalkeeper.


The French Bulldog is a small guard dog, which is one of the most robust and agile breeds in the bulldog. The dog was once one of the strongest breeds in the bullfight. It became a companion dog after the French law banned bullfighting, especially by ladies.

The French Bulldog originated in France, and its ancestor is the British bulldog, especially the vertical ear toy bulldog. Around 1860, many toy Bulldogs came from England to France, crossed with other breeds of local dogs, and eventually became this small, flat headed, rose eared or bat eared French Bulldog.

Chinese Bulldog

Chinese Bulldog is a cross between Chow Chow and American Pit Bull Terrier. It is first used as a fighting dog, and then can be a good guard dog. It is aggressive and hard to control. Strong body, broad chest, square body, curly tail, wide head, short mouth, strong bite and erect ears. The coat of Chinese Bulldog is thick medium long hair, but it is usually single yellow brown, brown, black and striped. Some individuals have white chest. The average height is 20 inches (51cm).

American Bulldog

In the 19th century, many European immigrants moved to the United States with their dogs. The American Bulldog was the offspring of those dogs. At that time, most of the dogs were shepherds.

Average Size
8 - 12 Years
1ft 0in - 1ft 3in