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Affenpinscher Information 2021

Dog Name Best

Affenpinscher is a well-balanced toy dog with bristles like terriers. It is smart and elegant. It is a very good indoor pet. The dog originated in Germany and its name "afenpinscher" means "Terrier like a monkey", which was developed to capture rodents (such as mice) in kitchens and barns. In France, the breed is described as "Diablotin moustachu" or the "bearded little devil".

They are loyal protectors

Wherever you go, affenpenscher will pay attention. As long as it's with you, he'll usually work for any adventure.Affenpenscher may want to entertain you. He tends to be good at manipulating toys with his claws, walking on his hind legs, and even if he has some four legged friends joining, they will even "sing" in the chorus.

Afenpinscher may be small, but he is still often a fearless protector. He is always alert and may tell you if there are strangers nearby.

Good at hunting and sports

Rodents need to be careful: affenpinscher has terriers in his family tree and started as a killer in Germany. Also, remember that if he is raised with the cat, he can get along with the cat, but some of the affenpinschers will chase them.

Afenpinscher needs to walk or do other activities every day. In fact, his general athletic ability combined with his intelligence often makes him a strong competitor in dog sports such as agility, obedience and assembly.

History and use

It is a kind of dog that people like very much. It has had an influence on Brussel puppies. It was developed from native dogs in Germany in the 17th century and was kept as pets by women in the late 19th century. It is agile, good at catching small pests, is a German breed with hard quality. It has many fans in Germany.

Average Size
12 - 14 Years
0ft 9in - 0ft 11in