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Afghan Hound Information 2022

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Afghan Hound, also known as the Kabul dog, is an ancient dog species. There were pictures of hounds in Afghanistan 4000 years ago. This dog breed originated in the Middle East and is used to hunt gazelle, wolf, snow leopard and other animals with extremely fast running speed. The Afghan Hound first landed in Britain in 1886 and became the British Royal hound.

Brief introduction

Afghan hounds were raised by the royal family in ancient Egypt and used for hunting. There are tall, short hair, suitable for desert type and slightly small, long hair mountain type. Now the two characteristics have been integrated, forming the type of tall body and long hair. It has been used by herdsmen to hunt gazelle, leopard and other animals.

Although the Afghan Hound is a home loving breed, it does not show too much. Afghan hounds are independent and tend to have their own space and time.

The Afghan Hound is agile and is used in dog racing in some countries. When you see a cat, a bird, or a mouse, the Afghan Hound will rush up without thinking because it has the bloodline of a hound.

History of development

A picture of the dog was found in paintings in Afghanistan 4000 years ago. The dog originated in the Middle East and was later spread to Afghanistan along trade routes. It was used to hunt antelope, wolf, snow leopard and other animals.

The Afghan breed first landed in Britain in 1886 and became a British Royal hound. After Britain introduced the breed to the United States in 1926, after half a century's improvement, the Afghan Hound has an elegant and powerful appearance and forms a unique style with its beautiful appearance. In any harsh environment can have a strong endurance, amazing agility and strong physique, and has a very high ornamental, and then this breed was introduced into Europe again, making it popular all over the world.

Personality traits

It is strong, smart and intelligent, like to be alone, not strong fighting heart, gentle to people, but sometimes has a neurotic side. Although strong, once life changes, the body will become increasingly thin. Good eyesight, good at running, light gait, elegant physique, intelligent brain, long hair floating in the wind, shining, very beautiful, known as "cross-country runner".

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of Afghan Hound are boldness, independence, strong autonomy, and do not need special care. The shortcomings are stubborn and willful. Only those who understand their characteristics can they be effectively controlled. When running freely, the Afghan Hound will run at high speed, showing great flexibility in a strong and smooth pace.

Feeding management

Adult Afghan Hound is large and active, so it is necessary to increase food appropriately. In the feeding food, 500 grams of meat or meat products should be provided every day, and the same amount of biscuits or cooked dry vegetable materials should be added.

It is required to comb the coat every day, and do two or three times a year. Bath cycle is a month or half a month, not too often. Remove earwax, dental wax and eye droppings every week, and trim your claws. Also use 2% boric acid water to wash its eyes to avoid keratitis.

Training methods

The concentration time of the Afghan Hound is much shorter than that of other dogs. Each training time should not exceed 15 minutes. There can be two training times a day. If the owner and the Afghan dog can't concentrate, don't carry out training activities. When the Afghan Hound is hungry, it is the best training time because it will be very alert and most responsive to food reward. The dog eats two meals a day, and pre meal training is a good opportunity.

Suitable population

Although the Afghan Hound is tall, it can adapt to apartment life. The breeder must give a lot of exercise space and opportunities. In addition, the Afghan Hound has a rich, thick coat, which requires a lot of time to comb every day, as well as regular grooming. It requires the breeder to have certain economic ability and sufficient time.

Average Size
12 - 14 Years
2ft 0in - 2ft 4in