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Akita Information 2022

Dog Name Best

Akita is a Japanese national dog and a family pet dog in Japan. This breed of dog is very brave, sensitive, loyal and intelligent. There are many stories about its loyalty.

Akita Prefecture in Japan is the birthplace of Akita dogs. The northern part of the area is mountainous and very cold in winter. Akita dog is a capable working dog and a house dog. Villagers often take their dogs to hunt boars and bears. The dog's best skill is to help the hunter search for the prey hit in the snow or water and give it back to the owner.

Character and specialty

Akita belongs to the working dog group. It was raised in the Japanese royal family or noble families hundreds of years ago. It is famous for bullfighting and hunting, and has been awarded the title of "the most respected Hunter".

Its majestic and majestic physique, vigorous energy, brave and fearless character, always maintain a high degree of vigilance, giving people a sense of calm and calm.

The history of Akita

Once it was a hound that could only be kept in the hands of royal families and nobles. With the passage of time and the progress of society, it had a large-scale development in the 20th century. After the Second World War, Akita came to the United States with the U.S. military stationed in Japan. After nearly 30 years of continuous improvement of Akita lovers in the United States, the American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized the breed in 1972, and since then there has been an American Akita dog.

When Helen Keller visited Japan in 1937, the Minister of education of Japan gave her a 2-month-old Akita. She was the first person to bring Akita to the United States. Later, the dog died, and the Minister of education gave her another Akita, which was the only two times Japan had given Akita abroad before.

Feeding matters

  1. Although Akita has shorter hair, it also needs to be combed every day.

  2. Akita dog is a hunting dog. It has a certain wild nature. It should not be kept indoors. It must be allowed to walk, run, jump and other activities.

  3. Akita is easy to get filariasis. Outdoor breeders should pay attention to the environmental sanitation of the dog's nest to prevent it from forming the bad habit of lying on the ground.

  4. From the beginning of puppies, we should let Akita dogs contact with dogs and people outside, cultivate and induce them to develop good habits of being friendly and tolerant to people. If they are kept in a closed environment, they will become too wary of people and even treat people with hostile attitudes.

Is Akita suitable for you?

Akita dog is loyal to its owner and family, stable in character and gentle to his family. Therefore, in Japan, it has always been the best popular dog, is an excellent family companion dog.

Average Size
10 - 12 Years
1ft 11in - 2ft 4in