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American Eskimo Dog Information 2021

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American Eskimo Dog is a member of the family of Pomeranian spaniel, and many dog lovers prefer to label it as a Nordic breed. American Eskimo Dog mainly originated from European Pomeranian breeds, including white German Pomeranian, white Dutch curly tail, white Pomeranian and white Italian Pomeranian. After World War II, West Coast breeders even added Japanese Pomeranian bloodlines to their Eskimos. In the 19th century in the United States, small white Pomeranian dogs were often seen in German immigrant communities. They moved out of Europe with their owners. After arriving in the United States, these dogs were no longer recognized in their own country. They were called American Eskimo Dog.

Morphological characteristics of American Eskimo Dog

The standard shoulder height is 38-48 cm and the weight is 11-16 kg.

At the beginning of the last century, American Eskimo Dog was a popular circus dog. Nicknamed "ersky", it belongs to northern European variety, usually white or white with brown yellow stripes. American Eskimo Dog is divided into different grades according to body shape: toy dog (22.9-30.5 cm, including 30.5 cm); small dog (30.5-38.1) cm, including 38.1 cm; standard dog (38.1-48.3 cm, including 48.3 cm). The dogs with body size below 22.9 cm and over 48.3 cm did not meet the standard.

The origin of American Eskimo Dog

In the early 19th century, American Eskimo Dog was very popular in touring circuses throughout the mainland of the United States. They were used for acrobatics. This kind of dog is very attractive to the public because of its long and thick fur, pure white and lustrous, and agile. Circus trainers like them, too. Eskimos are naturally intelligent, docile and have unparalleled flexibility. These dogs used for performance at the circus helped to develop the number and range of Eskimos.

Although the American Pomeranian was renamed American Eskimo Dog in 1917, the exact reason for choosing the name is unclear. There is a theory that the name Eskimo is easy to associate with the different breeds of large Nordic dogs bred by Native Americans. The Eskimo appears to be a miniaturization of the Eskimo sled.

In 1985, American Eskimo Dog club was established. It is a national club, working for the American Kennel Club (AKC), specializing in identifying, protecting and promoting the cultivation of purebred American Eskimo Dog. The American Eskimo Dog club established the pedigree registration of the dog in 1986 and was transferred to the American Kennel Club in November 1993. More than 1750 American Eskimo Dog are registered in the AKC pedigree as the ancestors of this dog. American Eskimo Dog belongs to non sports dog, and it finally had a systematic identification standard and legal status on June 1, 1995.

Average Size
12 - 15 Years
1ft 3in - 1ft 7in