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American Foxhound Information 2021

Dog Name Best

American Foxhound, as its name suggests, originated in the United States. Its front legs are straight and have the correct bone mass. The glue bone is short and straight. American Foxhound's feet are like foxes. The pads are full and hard. Energetic, physical charm, it has a strong destructive power, not easy to raise as a companion dog.

Introduction to American Foxhound

American Foxhound is lighter than English foxhounds. American Foxhound originated from British foxhounds introduced into America in 1650. They run fast because the American red fox runs faster than the British fox. In 1770, Washington ordered some foxhounds from Britain. In 1785, he received some excellent French foxhounds as gifts. The French and British foxhounds crossed to produce the Virginia hounds, which developed the modern American Foxhound. American Foxhound shoulder height: male: 56-64cm; female: 53-61cm; weight: 30-34kg.

History of American Foxhound

Both the United States and the United Kingdom have foxhounds. American Foxhound is an improved breed based on the British foxhounds. Compared with the British foxhounds, American Foxhound has a slightly thinner skeleton and a more rugged appearance. It is full of vitality, approachable, cheerful personality, unique voice, vigorous energy, with strong resistance, is an excellent hunting dog, but also an excellent display dog. Around the 13th century, the British used a larger dog to hunt deer. Later, in order to catch foxes, they began to pay attention to improving their running speed, improving and breeding accordingly, and became British fox hounds. Hunting with this dog was once very popular in Britain. Robert Brooke sailed to the Cape of good hope in 1650. He brought a large group of English foxhounds to the United States. These dogs became the direct ancestors of several American hounds. In 1770, George Washington, the father of the United States, agreed to import hounds from Britain. He mixed this newly imported Foxhound with the bloodline of French hunting dogs to produce American Foxhound, which laid the foundation of American Foxhound. In the 19th, 20th and 21st century, foxhounds gradually formed American Foxhound by crossbreeding with other hounds. The varieties of American Foxhound have changed in different regions, but in the 21st century, the hounds of American Foxhound club and Foxhound Owners Association have made great progress in developing into more standard breeds.

Morphological characteristics of American Foxhound

The head of American Foxhound is longer, the occipital part is slightly dome shaped, the ears are moderately low and long, and they are almost pulled up to the tip of the nose. The ear texture is fine and quite wide. It is close to the head because of the lack of upright ability. The front edge of American Foxhound is slightly inward turned to the cheek. The ear tip is round, the eye distance is wide, brown or light brown, the kiss is quite long, straight and square, and the forehead and nose steps are obvious. Throat clean, no skin fold, but allow under the corner of the mouth a little fold. Dogs with oblique scapula, deep chest, 58 cm high and 71 cm chest circumference are considered as good. Ribs dilated, back length moderate, waist wide and slightly arched, tail moderately high, tail erect, but not forward on the back, slightly curved, slightly brush shaped. The coat is a close fitting, hard coat of moderate length, of any coat color.

The character of American Foxhound

Energetic, docile, approachable and cheerful. But it also has a strong resistance, must be strictly trained, not suitable for family dogs, especially for urban residents. It is not easy to breed a companion dog because of its vigorous energy and attractive physique. Although the breeder has carefully trained the puppies born one week, it still gives people a feeling of uneasiness.

Average Size
12 - 13 Years
1ft 9in - 2ft 1in