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Australian Cattle Dog Information 2021

Dog Name Best

Australian Cattle Dog, also known as Australian Queensland heeler or blue heeler. Origin Australia. The Australian Bulldog is the 29 year longevity record of dogs.

Australian Cattle Dog is energetic, endurable and versatile. In the Australian mainland, Australian Cattle Dog is mainly engaged in the use of long-distance guidance of cattle. It also needs to adapt to the living environment in the wilderness and control the cattle in the most accurate and labor-saving way.

History of Australian Cattle Dog

The origin of Australian Cattle Dog is complicated. There is an endangered blue heel dog in England. They catch the sheep and cattle from the dock to the ships by biting the front and rear legs of the livestock. There are different opinions about the origin of the Australian bulldog, but it is very similar to this short tailed dog.

Thomas smithao, an Australian pioneer in the 19th century, needed to breed a breed similar to the dog and required it to be strong enough to overcome the difficulties of driving cattle. In the process of breeding, he made use of the ability of Australian wild dogs to crawl and quietly catch food, thus producing a breed very similar to today's Australian Cattle Dog. This kind of dog has strong vigilance, so it is necessary to strengthen training in the early stage.

The breed is a mixture of ancestors of many different breeds. Including Australian wild dog, highland Collie, Dalmatia, Australian Colby, old British shepherd dog, etc. The most important of these is the Australian wild dog, which is the 29 year longevity record of dogs.

Characteristics of Australian Cattle Dog figure

Australian Cattle Dog is a strong, versatile and well proportioned working dog. It has the characteristics of firmness, strength, symmetry and muscular development, giving the impression of being very agile, powerful and tough.

Body height: male - 46 - 51 cm, female - 43 - 48 cm.

Living habits of Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog's alertness, wit, guarding ability, bravery, honesty and absolute loyalty to duty make it an ideal working dog. Its loyalty and protection are rare to ranchers, cattle and property. Suitable for all kinds of climate. Aaaa1 was sexually mature at 2 months. Oestrus twice a year, in February and August, produces an average of three to five cubs per fetus.

Average Size
10 - 13 Years
1ft 5in - 1ft 8in