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Beagle Information 2021

Dog Name Best

Beagle is a very old variety, and it has been popular since the reign of Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. The standard Beagle is a happy, brave, very lively breed, energetic and determined, quick, intelligent and mild tempered. It is a very good hunting and pet dog. The head is slightly flat, the ears are flat and V-shaped, the nose is black and big, the legs have thick and rough meat pads, the thick upper coat is outside the flat lower coat, and the tail droops when the dog is slack. Beagle belongs to short haired dog, the coat is hard and dense, smooth and smooth. Just like Snoopy in the cartoon, Beagle has a pair of long and big ears and big eyes. The distance between the two eyes is wide, and the eyeballs are dark brown. It is lively and cheerful, gentle in temperament, stable and warm in character and crisp in voice. It is very suitable for being a pet.

The origin of Beagle

It originated in England. The dog, which appeared in England in the 16th century, is an ideal single or small group rabbit hunter. It's very popular with the upper class. Later, the breed entered the family and became a pet dog. Beagle is small in size, easy to handle and has the conditions of experimental animals. Now it has become an experimental dog. According to Xenophon, there was a hound that hunted by smell when young and was asked by the Romans to carry out many ancient Greek activities. However, group hunting existed in England before Roman times, and it is recorded that during the reign of King Arthur, Prince pywell of Wales had a very excellent special breed of white hound. To this day, Wales is still proud of his hounds, which are usually light colored. Hounds, squatters, Spaniel and other types of admirers insist that these dogs originated from assisted hunting. Through practice, it seems that these ideas are wrong, but in fact, there are other origins. This kind of Hound is the original ancestor of all hounds. There are two different breeds, namely "Jiazi" and "linggoushi", which hunt only by eyesight, and these two kinds of hounds that may be bloodhounds hunting solely by smell. By the time of Queen Elizabeth, gentlemen in almost every part of England had several types of hounds, hunting animals of their choice. Foxes were not valued prey at the time. Hounds at that time seemed to be divided into two categories, the big one and the small one. The larger breed chases deer, known as "deer hound", while the smaller breed pursues hare, known as "Beagle" (also known as Beagle), which is different from "begle" in France. By the mid-18th century, fox hunting became popular among the younger generation, who wanted things to happen faster and more exciting than watching hounds ponder the intricate migration of hares. Foxhounds have undoubtedly evolved from a mixture of Deerslayer and beagle. By now, whimsical breeders have produced two different types of hounds, one called the southhound and the other the northern Beagle. The former is dull and bulky, with long ears and a deep cry, while the other is the opposite. According to a writer at the time, the Beagle in the North was agile and strong, and did things with astonishing rapidity.

In the mid-19th century, pastor haniwood gathered a group of hounds, some of which were on display in Essex's entertainment. His dog group became the origin of modern beagle dogs. Almost every famous dog group traced its origin to the offspring of that group. We can accept the fact that the Beagle is one of the oldest breeds in history and, together with the Bloodhound and possibly the otter, is closest to the original breed of the hound.

The Beagle dogs of the United States, or beagle dogs, were more white in color than the Beagle dogs of 1870, and were later known as the beagles. They are said to be lively, indefatigable hunters, energetic and quick to turn, but not beautiful in shape. General Richard rowitt's imported dog from garlingwell, Illinois, marks a turning point in the history of American or Beagle lineage, and makes the country's dogs a bit prettier, a concern of hitherto poachers with beagles. It is not known what breed of dogs general rowitt got his hounds from.

The character of Beagle

Beagle is lively, quick reaction, quick action, alert, steady and optimistic. It is very emotional to the host, understanding, pleasant bark, easy to train, known as "moving like the wind, quiet as loose".

When choosing Beagle, you should choose a light, lively and alert dog with wide head range, round head, short and powerful kiss, big, long and drooping ears, wide and black nose, bright eyes, rich emotion and tan color, and tail rising and bending into sword shaped tail. Avoid selection: limbs bone is slender and long, neck is short and thick, head square, kiss is short, ear is short, tail is short should not choose.

Beagle likes to be clean and should keep its hair clean every day. The dog has the habit of barking. If it is raised in an apartment, sometimes it will affect the quiet. Therefore, it should be trained from an early age to prevent it from barking disorderly. It is also possible to perform vocal cord resection to avoid barking.

Average Size
10 - 15 Years
1ft 1in - 1ft 3in