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Border Collie Information 2021

Dog Name Best

Border Collie originated from the Scottish border. It is a collie collie. It has a strong shepherd instinct. It is intelligent in nature, good at observing and observing. It can accurately understand the owner's instructions. It can drive the sheep to move or rotate by looking at the eyes. It has been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years and ranks first in the world in terms of dog intelligence.

It is characterized by intelligence, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, good at communicating with the host, mild, loyal and obedient. The degree of loyalty can be described as follows. Because of its gentle and loyal character, it was once the most popular pet among urban population. Moreover, Border Collie is the most competitive breed of frisbee dog and the leading role of frisbee dog world cup.

History of Border Collie

Border Collie is a very clever breed of dog, mainly distributed in four countries - the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. American scientists through a large number of tests and studies found that Border Collie's obedience intelligence quotient is better than German shepherd dogs and noble dogs, ranking first in more than 100 dog breeds. The earliest Scottish sheep that were grazed and the dogs used to look after them were found in the Scottish archipelago. The dogs came from the priests who immigrated to Scotland from Ireland. They brought the dogs with them, and they had passed before the early Vikings invaded Scotland. But in this rugged geographical environment, people only rely on dogs to help gather, drive and watch livestock. According to the origin of modern shepherd dogs, they have the ability of "eye control", which was developed and trained by shepherds on the border of England and Scotland, so they are called "Border Collie".

Morphological characteristics of Border Collie

Border Collie has a broad head and the length of its head is almost equal to that of its front face. The ears are of medium size, well parted, sensitive and flexible, standing or half erect. The eye part is open, medium-sized, ovate, and the eye color is mostly brown. The tip of the muzzle is thin until the tip of the nose, the nostrils are well developed, and the nose is generally black. The chest is deep and moderate in width. The bones of the forelimbs are well developed and parallel to each other. Ankle slightly tilted. Wolf's claws can be excised. The feet are compact and oval. The footpads are deep and firm. The toes are moderately arched and compact. The toenails are short and strong. The rear drive is wide and leans to the tail. The thigh is wide, long and deep, and the knee joint angle is appropriate. The hind legs are well stocked, parallel to each other and have slight bovine limbs.

The character of Border Collie

He is indomitable, docile, sharp, alert, sensitive, neither vicious nor shy, but also intelligent, easy to train, gentle, loyal and obedient. He is intelligent in nature, able to observe his words and expressions, and really understand his master's instructions.

Coat color characteristics of Border Collie

Border Collie is resistant to harsh weather. It has two types of coat: coarse and short, and both have soft, dense double coat. The hair on the sides of the neck, buttocks, hind legs and tail is full of thick hair. The hair of the face, ears, forelimbs and hind legs is soft and short.

The common hair colors are black and white, blue and white, brown and white, and three colors mainly black, blue and brown, blue meteorite and red meteorite. Most people think that there are only black and white on the border, just because this color is the most common.

Advantages and disadvantages of Border Collie

It is energetic, alert and enthusiastic. IQ is equivalent to a 6-8-year-old child, intelligence is one of its major characteristics. According to the evaluation, he may be the most intelligent dog. The best dog is not only a dog, but also a good family companion.

Feeding methods of Border Collie

The feeding of Border Collie is not very different from other dogs. After weaning, puppies can start to eat puppies food, because the digestion capacity of puppies is limited, they can be divided into three to four meals a day. For dogs and adult dogs after 8 months, feeding times can be reduced to once a day. But to moderate, eat eight full is enough. It's best to cook it about 40 minutes after the walk. The amount of food eaten by a dog can be judged by its feces. For example: if the feces are strip-shaped, the soft and hard moderate means that the food intake is just right: if it is too soft to be picked up with the special dog manure clip, it means that the dog food is too much. If the feces are too hard, it means that the food is not enough. You need to add some dog food to it.

Its daily care is very simple, as long as the owner can insist on combing at regular time every day, and the dog who is used to combing will think it is a good enjoyment. Don't worry about Border Collie's toenails, as long as it exercises enough, it will polish its toenails.

Average Size
10 - 14 Years
1ft 6in - 1ft 11in