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Boston Terrier Information 2021

Dog Name Best

Boston Terrier is a kind of dog that is not very big in size, but has a very brave character, which is suitable for family protection. It is cute in shape, and its ferocity can't be seen from its appearance. Because of the difficulties in reproduction, Boston Terrier is still a rare breed.

The shape of Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is very similar to the French Bulldog. The biggest feature of the dog's appearance is the coat color with white mark in black or black, the square head and flat head as the main features. The dog is a short haired dog with stable personality. From its rich facial expressions, we can see that its IQ is very high and its memory is very good.

Breeding techniques of Boston Terrier

Although the Boston Terrier is cute, it's not easy to keep it. In the morning or evening of every day, the host should take it out for a walk and walk, but it is not allowed to run fast and exercise violently, otherwise, there will be shortness of breath.

In addition, it is also necessary to use a comb or brush to comb its fur every day to keep it clean and smooth, and take a bath regularly. When it is cool, it should be washed every 20-30 days, and in hot days, it should be washed every 3-5 days. Long hairs on the head, bridge of nose and abdomen should be trimmed regularly. This is done to make the short white hair appear and make it more beautiful and pleasing. Trim your toenails every 10-15 days.

Advantages and disadvantages of Boston Terrier

Because of its flat face, the space between the nose and the upper respiratory tract of Boston Terriers is narrower than that of other long billed dogs. In addition, over the centuries, humans have bred these dogs to strengthen this facial feature. As a result, generations of shorter maxilla have been developed, and the structure of the face is more oppressive and narrow. As a result, the structural abnormalities of various respiratory tract will cause obstruction and affect the heat dissipation function, which will deteriorate gradually with time.

Therefore, in the process of raising Boston Terrier, we should always pay attention to the changes of the dog's mental state, appetite, the shape of feces, the dry and wet condition of nose pad and the cool and hot condition. Once the disease is found, it should be treated as soon as possible. In addition, Boston Terriers are difficult to breed. Because of the large head of the puppies, most of the Boston Terriers need caesarean section. Because of the high cost of operation, the breed is limited to the range of bloodlines with reproductive value.


Generally speaking, it is not difficult to feed a Boston terrier with good feeding skills. And Boston Terrier is a very friendly pet dog. This breed has a lovely appearance and a very high IQ. It is a very reliable companion dog. It will also be easier to raise such breeds.

Average Size
13 - 15 Years
1ft 0in - 1ft 5in