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English Springer Spaniel Information 2021

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English springer spaniel is a medium-sized sports dog with a compact body and a broken tail. The coat is of moderate length and feathery on legs, ears, chest and abdomen. The hunting dog has a gentle, steady, steady tail, with a gentle, steady expression.

History of English springer spaniel

In 1880, the American Hound Club was founded to classify dogs by size. Any dog over 12.70 kg was classified as springer spaniel. Although some Spaniel dogs have long been used for hunting in the United States, they were not better known until the establishment of the English Springer Spaniel field hunting test association in 1924. Three years after the start of field hunting tests (1927), the English Springer Spaniel wildlife testing association became the English Springer Spaniel club.

The association further carried out the exhibition of English Springer Spaniel's exhibition stand and field hunting test. The English Springer Spaniel standard of American Kennel Club was formed in 1927 and revised for the first time in 1932. The standard is formulated according to its natural breeding ability as far as possible, that is, it is a kind of hound and can do the work required after training. The association also conducts an annual field test to demonstrate to the public the good performance of the breed as a shotgun. With the development of other hounds, the fierce competition among hounds requires that they must be able to search the ground quickly and, after good training, be able to execute the signals or commands given to them.

There is no doubt that the current standards have made Springer Spaniel more uniform as a species, resulting in more consistent individuals in both display and field hunting tests. They are recognized as excellent sports dogs and are therefore not allowed to lose their standard features; that is, they cannot become heavy boned and stout in order to maintain their agility in hunting. One of their uses is to stir up and retrieve prey.

English Springer Spaniel's character

English springer spaniel is fashionable, symmetrical, stable and enthusiastic. It is a thorough sports dog with obvious snipe dog characteristics, combining beauty and utility. It is friendly, happy, brave and cautious. At home, he is very sensitive to his master, good temperament, loyal, easy to train and willing to obey. These characteristics make it tame, which is important for hunters to control it during hunting. We should pay attention to the tendency of overweight.

The typical temperament of English springer spaniel is friendly, eager to be happy, easy to train and willing to obey. These characteristics make it tame, which is important for hunters to control it during hunting. In the dog show, he was very docile and natural, and accepted the referee's test without any objection. It will not be accepted that people and other dogs will not show the characteristics and purpose of their sports dogs. Puppies and novices who show too much shyness at the show will also be punished.

The evaluation of English springer spaniel is mainly based on its overall situation. It can show its type, including its overall appearance and outline; it can also show its soundness, including action and temperament. To maintain a smooth and relaxed gait, one must be physically sound and have good balance. Although the standard is very high, it is not necessary to give up the appearance of English springer spaniel. A dog with long or short legs, or a strange head or expression is not more popular than a dog with good shape and small defects in movement, although it has good movement. It is worth noting that English springer spaniel was originally a sports dog in the hound family. It must have the characteristics of a hound in appearance, behavior and action.

Training methods of English springer spaniel

Pick is the basis of training in many kinds of using subjects. Its purpose is to train the dog to carry the goods to the owner. Pick training is a more complex movement, including "title", "vomiting", "Lai", "identification" and so on. Therefore, the training must be carried out step by step, gradually formed, and can not be done too quickly.

First of all, they should be trained to form the conditioned reflex of "title" and "vomiting". The training methods should be treated according to the nerve type and special situation of the dog, and induction and coercion are usually used. When training with induction method, we should choose the quiet environment and the articles that are easy to excite the dog. Hold the object in your right hand and shake it quickly in front of the dog, causing the dog's excitement. Then throw it 1-2 meters away, and immediately issue the "title" command. When the dog reaches the item to be held, the "title" command will be taken out again. If the dog holds the object, it should be given a "good" command and a touch reward. Let the dog hold it for a moment (about 30 seconds), that is, the command of "spit" will be issued Food reward should be given after receiving the items. After repeated for many times, the conditioned reflex can be formed.

Some dogs have to be trained by compulsion. At this time, make the dog sit on the left side of the owner, issue the "street" command, hold the object in the right hand, pick up the dog's mouth with the left hand, put the object into the dog's mouth, and then hold the dog's jaw with the right hand. At the beginning of training, the dog can send out the "spit" command after holding it for a few seconds, take out the items and give them rewards. After repeated training for many times, the "title" and "vomiting" training can be carried out according to the password. On this basis, the ability to pick up and deliver objects is carried out, so as to train dogs to have the ability of discriminating and concealing. When training to pick up the thrown object, it should be combined with the gesture (right hand pointing to the object to be picked). When the dog holds the object, it can issue the "come" command, and reward will be given after spitting out the object. If the dog does not come with the title, he should use the training rope to master and make the dog come.

Suitable population

The typical temperament of English springer spaniel is friendly, eager to be happy, easy to train and willing to obey. These properties make it tame. It has always been a very popular pet dog in Europe. The spaniel is a typical sport dog, which should be given a certain amount of exercise every day. Therefore, the elderly and office workers are not suitable for raising this dog.

Average Size
9 - 15 Years
1ft 6in - 1ft 10in